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Yayoins.com Reviews – Is it Legal Or Scam

Yayoins.com Reviews

Yayoins.com is an online store which provides you with all types of merchandise that you can gift to your family and friends or even yourself on any occasion. Yayoins gift shop has varieties of gift items for all kinds of occasions like birthdays, anniversary, weddings, festivals, etc., Yayoins also delivers corporate gifts to employees who work at organisations along with welfare measures for them this entire event management service is just one click away from you because Yayoins has it all under one roof.

Yayoins creates your perfect gift giving experience by matching your requirements with Yayoins product categories. Yayoins also provides you with a number of services like Yayoins party planner, Yayoins social promotions and online marketing strategies. Yayoins is the perfect destination for gifting people on any occasion because Yayoins has a wide range of products to choose from which you can buy online anytime and anywhere at Yayoins website. Yayoins offers a variety of gifts under different sections such as home decor, desktop gadgets, flowers & gift hampers, gift sets, wooden crafts, greeting cards & calendars, home furniture, kitchenware & utensils, office goods etc.,

What is yayoins com?

Yayoins.com is an online shopping store of the men’s clothing and accessories who themselves promises their customers with a unique and fantastic collection at reasonable price. They provide their customer with trousers, shirts, trousers, third and other accessories.

On the official website you can check for the wide range available with them on yayoins com site they’re promised authentic quality products and customer support as well as quick delivery. So let us see what Yayoins provides to his valuable customers:


Yayoins promises its valuable customers that it has some interesting offers every now and then so there is virtually no boring time for those using this site. The best part about these discounts is good amount of savings. They have both seasonal clearance sales and regular discounts for their customers, I am sure you can make some really good savings using these offers.

Yayoins Return policy:

It is mentioned clearly on the website that they are available to assist their customer if there are any issues with your order or product quality which you think is not as promised by the company yayoins.com.

Yayoins.com Reviews online shopping site :-

This web site was founded in 2011 it has over 1 million satisfied customers who do online shopping from this website every year. This company has offered best range of high quality products at competitive prices which attracts more and more customers across the globe each day . It has actually gained prominence through word of mouth marketing and has successfully reached the hearts of its customers. This company is now one of the most trusted online shopping site through which people buy their favorite products.

Pros of yayoins com

  • They have a great variety of stylish clothes.
  • Friendly payment options.
  • Customer care support is available.

Cons of yayoins com

1. Website has no about us page nor their social media pages are active. This indicates that they want to hide the details regarding the founders, owners of the website. And also, prevents them from being contacted for any query or issue related to their services.

2. Cash on delivery option is not available so you have to give your credit card information over an untrusted website which might lead it towards frauds and scams in future while delivering goods to customers by any third party logistics provider company who are totally unknown to you! I do not recommend this way of buying things online even if you have seen other sites selling products this way then trust me that site was scam too!

3. Payment methods are limited at yayoins.com

4. They do not give any refund no question asked policy! If you will be unlucky enough to purchase an item which does not meet your expectations then you’re out of luck because yayoins com will never issue you a refund or return!!

5. You cannot pay with PayPal, debit, credit card using Payoneer account on yayoins.com so if you are living in countries where none of these two payment methods are accepted like Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc… it is very difficult for you to buy anything online then too this site can’t help you out! This problem happens on most of the sites that I have tested before and finally would give up! So first check whether your country’s credit/debit card is accepted or not?

6. Content and pictures on yayoins.com are copied from other websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc…

7. No customer support available! You cannot contact them even if you have a problem with their product because they don’t offer any contact information to solve your query!

8. Only an online mode of payment is available so again they might forget to deliver your product and will force you to wait for months not giving any reply rather than issuing a refund back!! As per my experience, this has happened many times which I personally faced up with those scam sites! So now what do we do in those cases where we can’t get our money.

Is yayoins com is legit or a scam?

The answer to this question is, it’s scam.

Yayoins com is not the website you want to buy your stuff from. This site has so many negative reviews on Google and other search engines. This site has only one address mentioned in its privacy policy without any physical address or phone number details. The contact number mentioned here belongs to some other store which has no connection with yayoins com at all! So, people are requested not to use this website at all because it won’t help them in getting their desired products. It will create problems for them if they are buying high value items like laptops etc. The operators of this website are reading these articles but still they are refusing people’s comments. As a result, the are ruining their reputation.

Are you searching for fake yayoins com review? Then I suggest you to read the following lines only because it will help you in realizing the truth about this website.

The owner of this site is using some other site’s name for increasing its search engine rankings and enticing visitors. This guy does not want any customer complaint against him so he hasn’t provided his physical address or phone number anywhere on his website, but still one can easily get in touch with him through chat option available over there. Customers must understand that the contact number used by the Yayoins guy belongs to another company besides himself, so they should never share any important information like bank details etc., while talking. The other site whose contact number is used by this site, has nothing to do with any online purchase and it’s a big mistake made by us.

And the worst part of his website is that the refund policy associated with yayoins com which you can see on its footer. You can’t really claim your money back even if you don’t like what you’re getting from there, unless they agree for it because only then they replace the product or give you money back. As most of the people posted their story on various forums saying that they didn’t receive their order after making full payments towards it. So this must be enough for anyone who wants to buy anything from there and wants to save hisher hard earned money.

Users feedback – Yayoins.com Reviews & Complaints

This is a review on Yayoins.com, a website that offers money exchange services to its customers. The customer service department of the company hasn’t been responsive enough and neither has their security been up to the mark. It had been recommended from some sources to use this website as it provides great economic rates for exchanging foreign currencies with other cryptocurrencies. However, our test of the economic rate of this website was also negative as we could not get satisfactory results. This just proves that even though they have good reviews from several websites on Internet, their actual reputation isn’t too good on ground level. That is why, we do not recommend using Yayoins.com for any transactions or services at all.



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