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Why Should You Use Eye Mask for Dry Eyes at Night

An eye mask is setting the trend worldwide. It’s because of its great therapeutic properties that give a calming effect to the eyes. The eyes are one of the most sensitive organs of our body. Just a little piece of dust can turn to redness & inflammation. So, eyes need a cure at night every day for their better functioning. A dry eye mask can be used as a sleeping mask to experience calmness & medical care. People suffering from dry eyes use the eye mask to avail medical care & enjoy its soothing effect. However, many doctors recommend using it at night. Though there is no fixed time to apply the mask on the eyes, the night is highly suggested. 

Reason for Using Eye Mask at Night 

Many people do the skincare routine at night to have healthy skin. Skin is surely a big part of our body. It protects our internal organs and needs to be cared for. Following skin care at night, remove the dirt that one faces throughout the day. This results in glowing and clean skin. Once the application of the product is done while sleeping, skin feels relaxed, and the product applied penetrates properly. Similarly, using a heated eye mask at night is much more effective. Your eyes get tired while remaining active the whole day. The tired eyes need some cure to charge it again. A heated dry eye mask makes the eye glands healthy by maintaining the oil production of the eyes. According to scientific research, one can experience quality sleep by using a dry eye mask at night. In other words, it not only heals the dry eyes syndrome but also results in a good sleep cycle. This makes the eyes healthy and prevents the symptoms of dry eyes gradually. 

How does the Heated Eye Mask Work? 

With the help of high-tech facilities, a heated eye mask gives ideal heat to the oil-containing inside the eyelids. Once the oil becomes thinner, it flows conveniently through the eye glands and into the eye. This reduces the dry eye condition.

Benefits of Using Dry Eye Mask at Night 

➤ Block the Light 

Light can make the symptoms of dry eyes worse. This is why doctors suggest people wear spectacles while using laptops or shades outdoors. Of course, now it’s not possible to live without light. Whether natural sunlight or artificial light, it’s essential for human survival. At night, the light of the room is a significant constraint to dry eyes. Switching off the light at 8 or early when living with a family is quite challenging. Better to apply the eye mask and sit calmly, no matter if the family member wants light. Plus, it’s easy to shop dry eye masks online as they are readily available but make sure it’s optometrist recommended. 

➤ Minimize Distraction

The best thing about using an eye mask at night is that there is less distraction. Everyone has some work to do in the day that will distract the person and can’t make the healing efficacious. For instance, phone calls, messages, household chores, urgent official work, etc., will not allow a person to sit for 2 or 3 hours by applying a mask. Before sleep, once all work is completed, use a heated dry eye mask and rest. 

➤ Fall Asleep Easily

Someone who is going through a sleep disorder can also use a dry eyes mask at night as it makes a person fall asleep quickly. Why? It’s because it blocks the light, and there is no distraction which leads to sound sleep. 


A dry eye mask is widely used for the fastest healing and works phenomenally if applied at night.


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