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Why SEO Audits Are So Important

Search engines like Google make use of complex algorithms in ranking websites. And this algorithm is updated frequently. Reports show that Google updates its algorithm 500 to 600 times yearly. Hence, no matter how careful you are with the operation of your website and its content, there’s a good chance you may be experiencing a drop in rankings. Especially when you’re carrying out search engine optimization without the aid of an SEO expert. 

Have you recently observed a drop in the performance of your website from Google analytics? Is your organic traffic going down? Then it’s time to fully dive into search engine optimization, but which SEO tactics do you need for this scenario? The answer to that is SEO Audit. Have you ever thought about how top businesses maintain their rankings regardless of Google’s frequent algorithm updates? Well, that’s because they have the best Sydney SEO experts running SEO audits on their websites. An audit is what you need to identify the issues affecting your site’s performance and rankings. We’ll be taking a look at the importance of SEO audit to your website in today’s post. Read on!

What is an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is a comprehensive analysis of your website’s performance. It’s a process of analyzing the relationship between your web practices and web presence. A typical SEO audit will reveal the following:

  • Website structural problems
  • Technical SEO problems
  • On-page SEO issues
  • User experience issues
  • Potential off-site problems
  • Content gaps
  • Competition insight

An SEO audit should be carried out on a regular basis to maintain steady progress on your website.

Why SEO Audit is very important

Below are the reasons why SEO audits are essential to the growth of your business and website.

1. Identify SEO weaknesses:

This is one of the most vital reasons you should carry out an audit. You may have incorporated search engine optimization techniques on your website but after a while, there may lapse in your optimization. An audit will help you confirm if you’re optimizing correctly. If these errors are left unattended, they will end up hurting your site.

2. Improve Website performance 

Your website may have high-quality content, and the right information needed by users but if your site isn’t healthy and easy to navigate and operate on both PCs and mobile devices, then it will rank low on search result rankings. Nobody loves a site that takes forever to load, has broken links, and displays poorly. The only increase you’ll get with such a website is an increase in bounce rate. These problems may even be occurring without you knowing, hence, the need for regular audits.

3. Measure Improvements

Another benefit of carrying out an SEO audit is that it gives you a reference point to track your performance and effectiveness. When you know the current state of your site, then you can track your progress rate, prioritize tasks, and plan for the future.

4. Track Keyword performance 

An SEO audit can help you determine if your chosen keywords are targeting the right audience. As you know, a site’s performance is closely related to the movement of your keywords. If they go up, then your optimization is correct, however, if they show negative movements, then there might be some critical issues or maybe a penalty.

5. Competition Analysis

SEO audits are not limited to your website or websites you own only. It can be performed on your competitor’s website. Business owners perform SEO audits on their competitors’ sites to identify their strengths and weaknesses. When auditing your competitor’s websites, here are the things to look out for:

  • Examine their backlinks
  • Find out the keywords they are using
  • Analyze their SEO strategy
  • Analyze their structure, especially when they have a mobile site and you don’t.
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