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Why can’t I use calculator in calculus?

Why can’t I use calculator in calculus?

Calculus is an advanced branch of mathematics which is mostly used in the field of physics, economics, science, and engineering. It is basically used for the study of the changes of various functions. A function is basically a way to express some relation between one amount and another amount. Calculus is considered to be the most difficult subject in schools, colleges, and universities. A number of people have the ability to understand calculus, but most students fail in calculus. There are many reasons for this failure, but most students fail in calculus because of the lack of the ability to use the calculator.

So, let us discuss why can’t I use calculator in calculus.

Thoughts of mathematicians

Many mathematicians expressed to their thoughts on how technology like graphing calculators can affect learning. They believe that the technology is not required in the learning process, but rather makes it too easy. “The graphs are about concepts,” If you push all of them through one button, then your students don’t need to learn calculus by studying many underlying principles. There should be some other type of check for them to use other than pushing a button or typing into their computer because then they wouldn’t really have a deep understanding” of the concept being learned.

“While the graphing calculator is indeed a useful technology, it doesn’t seem to be ideal for calculus students. In general, Mathematicians was unsatisfied with display size and resolution, as well as the effort required to learn and teach its input methods. Finally, Mathematicians generally prefer focusing on mathematical concepts to spending time or effort encouraging other people to adapt new technologies.”

Wilson’s desire to make advanced math more understandable overlooks the reason that many students who take the course in high school do so. They see it as both a rite of passage and a tune-up for the big game. Many students want to be prepared for college level science and math courses while some just want to prove to themselves that they can handle more challenges than most people. We can see why – there were 448,613 AP Calculus exam takers in 2017 alone.

Wilson’s wording

Calculus was a challenging course for me. It required great focus and I often had to look at my notes as if they were a road map of sorts as I was trying to understand the information that had been presented. For some people, calculus might seem like something they can breeze through without too much trouble but for those who find it difficult especially those who find themselves struggling to comprehend the material, this class may be similar to taking a trip down memory lane and illuminates their past challenges and failures with math and science. While in college, I never set foot inside the math department except maybe during orientation for new students or when we were signing up for our classes or registering our names at the Registrar’s office.

Calculus is an imperative part of many people’s education because it teaches us many valuable concepts. However, high school students often find it hard to understand calculus. Even though the curriculum standards say that students should be exposed to more advanced math topics like Calculus, people should also work on making this subject easier to grasp for learners through contemporary technology. This way they will be better equipped to engage in mathematical analysis and become critical thinkers as a result. In addition, teachers could share projects with their peers around the world and these projects would help make easier for everyone to collaborate online.

Packer noted that calculus is so much more than just trying to graph functions. “That’s part of it, but there’s so much more to learning calculus than what your calculator lets you do with it,” Packer said. He notes that the team at SimCalc has been trying for years now to encourage security enhancements in various web-based calculus tools so they could actually be used during an exam administration if his team ever decides on which one is best. “We can’t rely on students doing slow slow math by hand like they did hundreds of years ago when this stuff was first coming out,” Packer said.


  1. When it comes to math and calculator usage in the classroom, we all know that fast results come from sheer memorization of which buttons to press on a calculator for each problem. Computer software has advanced these capabilities to such an extent though that they go beyond mere arithmetic, and may be taking away from actual learning. Students need to get more involved in values such as precision and accuracy when handling real-world math instead of blindly following the rules of their calculators.

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Are you wondering why you cannot use calculator in calculus? The truth is that using calculator in calculus is just like using calculator in other math. Nowadays, scientific calculators are already capable of performing complex mathematical computation. However, you should be aware that the calculator cannot replace your understanding of the concept. It is not recommended to use calculator in calculus because it can cause you to solve question without having a good understanding of the concept.

I hope that you will understand that why can’t I use calculator in calculus,

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