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What are the topics need to be cover during the CA exam test series?

One of the most popular degrees in India is CA or Chartered Accountancy. It’s a tough course that’s popular for its different problems. It’s just as gratifying, however.

The CA exam is a well-known one. CA subjects encompass a wide range of subjects and testing is known to also be challenging. The curriculum and the topic lists are very complicated and students have to be clear.

Often students take many years to complete the degree, however this stress of exams is eased substantially if they are well educated in their field.

With new policies CA exam test series and courses and curricula continue to change, but the core remains more or less the same. Once you know your subjects, you will find this course easy.

List of CA Subjects

CA is a very extensive and economically important course. A variety of classes are presented to students that contribute to their theoretical knowledge of legislation and practical knowledge of accounting concepts.

In the event of a financial crisis in a company, professional accountants should have an idea and know what to do. The topics in this course are of paramount importance.

Topics for CA Foundation

A CA student must raise his skills in the topics of Fundamentals of Accounting, Quantitative Aptitude, Mercantile Law, General Economics, General English as for the preparation of the CA Foundation Exam.

Topics for CA Intermediate

As for the CA Intermediate Exam, the topics to prepare are Accounting, Cost Accounting and Financial Management, Advanced Accounting, Texation, Auditing and Assurance, Business Laws, Ethics and Communication, Information Technology and Strategic Management, Corporate and other Laws are necessary if you want to clear your second exam of CA Inter.

Topics for CA Final

The last and most difficult exam to prepare is CA Final and you must have sharp hand in topics such as Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics, Financial Reporting, Strategic Financial Management, Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation, Corporate and Economic Laws, Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation, and Indirect Tax Laws. Moreover, if you want options in the topics then there are some elective topics you can prepare such as Risk Management, International Texation, Economics Laws, Financial Services and Capital Markets, Global Financial Reporting Standards, and Multidisciplinary Case Studies.

Chartered accountants are, as noted, a highly respected profession. There are different ways that you are presented with while you pursue your CA.

It’s a way of becoming an excellent accountant. It’s a high-level career with its own code and behaviour.

There are several reasons why this course should be followed.

This course is a degree that makes it highly renowned and has a large breadth. There are no shortages of jobs for CAs since there are no companies lacking. Companies require several things that can only be done by a CA to be done for the financial purpose.

For this course there is no requirement for prior training or work experience. Once this course has been completed, you are a practitioner and need no higher study to expand your practice.

It is a worldwide occupation. You have chances everywhere over the world once you are licensed as a chartered accountant, as long as you can comply with the law. It is a vocation that is worldwide well known and esteemed.


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