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What Are The Strongest Dog Breeds?

Are you aware that some dogs are bred to be working dogs? People have used them throughout history for farming, hunting, herding as well as other practical chores. Dogs like that can be easily trained and they have it in their instinct to be of great service for their owners. They have the necessary endurance and intelligence to get the job done the right way. 

Moreover, a lot of families want dogs such as these due to a number of reasons. If you’ve always been a fan of bigger canines, then one of these breeds will definitely come in handy. But, what are the strongest breeds out there? 

First you need to conduct some research to discover their characteristics and how they behave. Many large, powerful dogs are chosen to serve with people as military, police and security dogs, search and rescue dogs, and herding as well as hunting dogs, among other things. Curious to know more? If so, check out holistapet.com for additional information on the subject. 

How amazing is that? They are born with innate ability and get extensive training throughout their lifetime. As mentioned above, they are intelligent and easy to train because of that characteristic. Here’s what you need to know about these particular breeds:


Rottweilers were initially bred to herd large animals, pull heavy carts, and serve as guard animals, much in the same way that many other similar dog breeds were bred. These strong pets can handle basically anything because of their nature.

Today, Rottweilers still have a tendency to push objects, including other animals and humans. Because their poking ability might lead people who are prone to tripping to fall, Rottweilers are not suggested for the elderly or for households with little children. 

This doesn’t mean that they are dangerous to have in the house. If you really want a dog like this, you should take extra precaution and pay attention to its training. Make sure to check out this page to find out more. 

Siberian Husky

Huge sleds are pulled by huskies, who are recognized for their incredible strength, which helps them to navigate challenging, ice terrain with ease. Huskies are also well-known for their shrewdness and intellect. Why did these sled dogs grow to be so enormous and powerful, one could wonder? 

When the nomadic Chukchi people of Siberia invented the Chukchi dog around 3,000 years ago, they did so to aid them in the transportation of their large hunting muskets across long distances. The Chukchi dog was notable for its physical strength, but it was also notable for its extraordinarily warm winter coat and a phenomenal metabolic rate that was unrivaled anywhere in the globe. 

Despite ingesting very little food, these canines were able to sustain a very high level of activity. Since the time of the Chukchi dog, its incredible strength, agility, and durability have remained unsurpassed. The Siberian husky is a direct ancestor of the Chukchi dog, which originated in Siberia.

Great Dane

The majestic creatures of the canine world are enormous animals with a nice, tranquil disposition; because of their kind nature, they are referred to as “gentle giants” of the doggy world. When they were first produced, Great Danes were created to hunt boars. They could also hold their prey until the hunter caught up with them. How cool is that? 

Not only that, but they can serve as guardians of a household and love participating in all kinds of physical activities done by their pet parents. In order for them to become more popular as home dogs, breeders deliberately bred away their harsh and hunting characteristics, culminating in the gentle, charming dogs we know and love today.


Don’t ever underestimate bulldogs. Because of their history as fighting dogs, bulldogs have established a reputation for being exceptionally tough and powerful canines. Bull-baiting, a historical bloody sport was carried out with the assistance of bulldogs, which was horrible back then. 

When they took part in these contests, they were pitted against bulls that were bigger and more powerful than themselves. Battle bulldogs were known to have had aggressive, cruel attitudes toward their opponents, which was in stark contrast to the lovely and calm temperament of today’s bulldogs. Their breeders definitely took matters into their own hands and made the breed a lot more lovable and affectionate towards anybody that takes care of them.

German Shepherd

German shepherds have been utilized as service dogs for generations as a consequence of their strength and resilience, as well as their long lifetime. They first originated in Germany for the purpose of hunting and herding livestock. 

German shepherds are currently in high demand as guide dogs for people that suffer from blindness, military and law enforcement dogs, search and rescue dogs, and companions for persons with intellectual impairments. Their beautiful and compassionate nature make them great companions for any household that wants to adopt one. 

A few final words

If you want a strong breed that will protect the house and your loved ones, then you should consider one of them mentioned above. Of course, there are other resilient and strong breeds to check out as well. The more you find out, the faster you’ll be able to make a decision. Any dog will be loyal to you if you take good care of it and if you start training it from young age. 

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