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Top 5 Ways To Prevent Constipation

Hello everyone! For this article, I decided to write about the top 5 ways you can prevent constipation. Constipation is something that nearly everyone deals with at some point in their life time. It is something I have dealt with for many years, and I have learned a lot on how to manage it. I hope this information helps you as much as it has helped me. Now, here are the top 5 ways to prevent constipation!

1. Change Your Diet!

This first way is by far the best way. Try changing your diet! The top cause of constipation is a lack of fiber in your diet. Just how much fiber is in the food you eat? It might not be as much as you think. Fruits, Cereals, and Vegetables have a lot of fiber. Try to include these foods in your meals each day! By including these foods, you are likely to prevent any problems with constipation.

2. Try Changing Medications!

This may sound like a strange idea. However, many medicines (including over-the-counter medications) can cause constipation. In fact, many of these medicines will list side effects right in its list of side effects. If you are having issues with constipation and you take medications, talk to your doctor. There might in fact be a connection between the two. This of course can be fixed with alternative medicines.

3. Laxatives

Using Laxatives is another way of preventing constipation. This is fairly obvious. However, many people take laxatives as a precaution to prevent any constipation. I should note though, if you are to take laxatives regularly, use them only under the guidance of a doctor. Many doctors do prescribe laxatives for patients with frequent constipation issues, but you should really speak to a doctor.

4. Exercise More!

I have had a lot of success with this strategy. Even going for a simple walk can really get your digestive system going and lead to having to go to the bathroom. You would be surprised just how many people that deal with constipation aren’t exercising each day. But you know what? We should be exercising each day for our health anyway! So add preventing constipation as another reason that we should exercise each day.

5. When You Have To Go To The Bathroom, Go!

This may sound like a silly suggestion, but many people have to go to the bathroom but don’t always go right away. This is a big mistake and can lead to problems with constipation in the future. You should always go to the bathroom when you need to.

I hope this article has helped any of you that are having problems with constipation or are worried about constipation in the future! By doing these simple tips you can easily prevent constipation. Good luck!

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