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Why There Are No Walking Dead Cats and Dogs On Tv Series

Walking Dead Cats and Dogs

Why is there no cat character in the Walking Dead Cats comics or TV series? Upon reading that certain authors didn’t want cats on the Walking Dead, I assumed they were clever enough to stay awayIn nature, cats are hidden in the shadows and they hunt for their food without being seen. Robert Kirkman, the creator of the comic books series in an interview, “The artist that draws the comic book loves drawing people, loves drawing zombies, does not enjoy drawing animals so much.”

the walking dead cats

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Know About Dogs?

What about the dogs that have been shown in the Walking Dead comic?

In our last article, we discussed if there were cats to be found in Rick Grimes’ world from The Walking Dead. In theory, only one cat has been spotted by Robert Kirkman within his graphic novels. In fact, Adlard himself prefers not to see animals drawn into “The Walking Dead” at all.

However, do not think for a second that dogs are not around. Throughout issue #13 of “The Walking Dead,” a flashback to Rick’s time with Morgan and Duane is portrayed as they try to escape Atlanta on a desolate highway leading up to a local veterinary clinic where they hoped to find refuge and safety among the living who had survived the initial. However, when they get there, the place is crawling with zombies and Rick has to shoot his own wife as she turns into a walker before he can even step inside.

What’s interesting about this is that we see the dead laying throughout the clinic, but we also notice three dogs hanging by their leashes tied to a fence out front. Now imagine you’re Rick Grimes and your family is shot and killed before your eyes, then you enter a veterinary clinic that’s swarming with zombies only to see the bodies of those who were dead as well as three dead dogs now turned into zombies themselves. That would be enough for anyone to go crazy right?

Did anyone ever see cats on “The Walking Dead” TV show?

The AMC hit show features, among other things that walk without a pulse, zombies. That’s right, zombies. Zombies are cool.

And dogs. Dogs are cool too, but not as much as zombies. And sometimes the heroes of the story have to kill dogs because they can’t be trusted not to bark and give away their position in the heat of battle with the zombies (or whatever). So there’s always some weeping about having to kill dogs on “The Walking Dead Cats.” But you never see any cats… why is that?

Cats are everywhere! And since Rick Grimes and his band of survivors spend most of their time either moving or holed up somewhere, feeding them could very well become an issue for his group down.

Why Don’t We See Animals On The Walking Dead?

Since the beginning of “The Walking Dead“, it has been a constant question, that people have been looking for an answer to. In the graphic television series, that is currently about its 5th season, we see zombies devouring humans and consuming their flesh as if they were nothing more than little snacks. We know from previous episodes that The Walking Dead timeline happens in the post-apocalyptic era, where civilization is now only composed by small groups of survivors living in fortified areas, trying to keep themselves safe with all means possible. There are no pets allowed since Walker (zombie) attacks are very common and even if someone does decide to take their pet out for some fresh air, soon enough they will be attacked by one of them and join. In

In this post-apocalyptic world, nobody can afford or think of taking care of a pet since very few people are left alive.

the walking dead dogs

In the 3rd episode from season 1, Rick Grimes is seen returning to his hometown in search of his wife and son, but he is also looking for a dog that was left behind by someone who used to live in their neighborhood. Even though many buildings were destroyed and most cars had been abandoned after the apocalypse began, Rick ends up finding a German Shepherd still tied to a fence with no food or water whatsoever. Now if we compare this situation to what would be happening nowadays on Earth (if such a thing actually happened), we actually see the exact opposite: people just abandoning their pets because they can’t take care.

So why don’t we see pets in “The Walking Dead Cats”? Because nobody is left and they all died and turned into zombies. Now it would be interesting to explore the subject of what happened to all the animals when the apocalypse began, but since this series is about humans, we will not be seeing any pets in The Walking Dead for quite some time now. However, maybe the showrunners could add a dog or a cat somewhere along the line, just so that it can raise awareness on how important animals really are in people’s lives.

What do you think?

I hope that this article made you wonder a little bit about what happened to all the animals during the apocalypse. Now before I leave you, let me disclaim something for those who have not watched The Walking Dead from the beginning: there is a scene in which one of the survivors kills their own dog out of mercy because it could not stand all this horror happening around them and it was going crazy so he had to shoot it. If this sounds graphic, please watch with caution. Sincerely.

P.S.: Do you want to know how things go on with Rick Grimes’ German Shepherd? In another episode from season 1, we see that his previous owner had been to escape from Atlanta. He then returns to the city to look for his dog, but he finds nothing. It’s very probable that Rick’s shepherd was killed by zombies while it was still tied up in their yard.

Final Thoughts

The Walking Dead is a show all about survival. As we can see in episode 5×09 they meet a wild pack of dogs which they eat rather than kill. Humans must do what is necessary to survive and with such an overwhelming number of walkers, it would be impossible for humans. So humans have become animals, we turn into animals when we need to survive and this group has become wild and savage and so they see everything like food, including pet dogs.

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