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Virtual Reality – A Revolution in the Real Estate Market

The word ‘virtual’ is increasingly becoming crucial for the real estate sector. Virtual offices and co-working spaces are becoming favorites during the pandemic times, and so is virtual reality. Utilizing technology to generate a 3D picture or a virtual environment is known as virtual reality. This virtual reality experience can be either comparable to or completely distinct from the actual world. Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, virtual reality has been one of the most popular technologies among businesses for some time and is especially taking a strong foothold in the real estate sector. Those seeking to buy a home do not have to travel long distances to visit their desired property. While virtual offices allow workers and realtors to work from home, virtual reality allows potential clients to visit any site using virtual reality to check the size and design of rooms.

Virtual Property Visits

When a client decides to buy a house, he or she usually contacts a real estate agent, and the two of them agree on a date and time to go see it. While this method works traditionally, it is time consuming and inconvenient for both sides for many reasons. Things become even more complicated when the site of property is long distances away from the visitor’s current location. Visiting the property in that case is not only time-consuming but also too costly. Technology, on the other hand, can help one tackle these issues.

As automation saves a lot of money and precious time, the same goal is accomplished through augmented and virtual reality. Clients can have a virtual tour of the property. Clients can have an immersive, 3-D experience in the form of virtual tours of the properties. In this way, clients are able to check the space and size of the rooms, as well as the design and texture of the interior, among other things. Most importantly, purchasers can tour a variety of properties while still sitting in their house. Virtual tours also boost the efficiency of real estate agents by saving their precious time and fuel.

Virtual tours can be categorized as follows:

Guided Tours—Perfect for Real Estate

Guided tours are very similar to the television advertisements that we see very often. Yet there is a lot of difference. Guided tours in virtual reality are either completely virtual or three-dimensional videos. Because guided tours are created very easily. They can be created even with a smartphone. And this aspect makes this feature ideal for promoting real estate. However, a panoramic camera can give the best results.

Interactive Tours—A more Immersive Experience

Interactive tours provide a more Immersive experience as the clients can pick how they wish to engage with space during these types of virtual tours. By clicking on particular parts of the property in the field of vision, potential buyers can choose where they wish to go within a house. Unlike guided tours, these tours are more difficult to create. However, interactive videos allow purchasers to get a better feel of their desired property.

Other beneficial features of virtual reality for businesses, particularly real estate, are as follows:

Virtual Staging: Presenting the Property in its Best Light

It is an undeniable fact that a property fully furnished with furniture and other embellishments will sell more than the one which is empty. Therefore, staging a property before presenting it for sale is extremely important, not only for higher sales, but for higher profits as well. Hence, this is an established fact that photographs and videos of well-furnished interiors are more appealing to homebuyers than those of vacant areas. A staged home sells more quickly and on a higher price as compared to an empty space. Virtual staging enables individuals to visualize a furnished and decorated home even before it is made so. And virtual reality helps with this a lot. It transforms an empty property into a pleasant and cozy home that every client desires. Virtual staging is now increasingly being used by many real estate brokers to increase sales.

Even if the property in question is not ready yet, buyers can still visualize an empty space as a fully constructed and furnished property via virtual reality and augmented reality technologies. Through this, clients can decide on how the property can be constructed in terms of design. This helps them in deciding whether or not to invest in the property.

In short, the real estate industry has been altered so profoundly by virtual and augmented reality technologies that virtual reality has become a standard for the leading real estate firms. It is cost-effective, convenient and time-saving. Due to this reason, virtual technology has acquired a great foothold in the real estate sector. Moreover, buyers can have an immersive and interactive feel of their desired property from the comfort of their house any time around the clock, thus making virtual reality one of the most convenient tech experiences of our time.


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