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Top 5 Qualities You Need In Your Wills And Estates Lawyer, Vancouver

Any case is hard to win without the guidance of the right lawyer. A lawyer guides you, minimizes your stress and ensures your loved one’s estate is properly managed. Here are top five qualities that your lawyer must possess.

Vancouver Probate Experience

There are thousands of wills and estates lawyers in Vancouver but not everyone is familiar with the probate laws of the place. You need to find a lawyer who has substantial experience in probate law, the one who knows all the procedural requirements of Vancouver’s probate law.

The probate area in Vancouver includes many legal areas that keep on changing with time. It is extremely important for the lawyer to stay up to date on the latest changes of case law developments. Only the lawyers who have ample experience in these areas will have full knowledge of the estate code and local court. Every case comes with its own legal culture, when the lawyer is experienced he or she can have a critical view that is needed to practice as per court’s preferences.

Compassion & Understanding

The next quality that your chosen wills and estates lawyer must have is compassion. The lawyer needs to be emotionally intelligent. There can be many situations that you as well as your lawyer might have to face. It might be extremely challenging for you to rush in and out of an attorney’s office while grieving the loss of your loved one. Hence this is why you should go for a lawyer who understands your situation. He should be able to express empathy and concern for you and what you are going through.


In the Vancouver probate case, the court’s impression of you is projected by your counsel. And this is why your lawyer should be able to make a positive impression and be professional with others involved in the case. Also by professionalism we mean promptness. If your lawyer is prompt when meeting with you and displays professionalism during the interactions, he or she is the one you can count on. By working or being represented through an organized person who appears in the court on time, is prepared, communicates appropriately with you and shows courtesy upon your case then you have met the right lawyer for your case.

Effective Communication

This is another essential quality that your wills and estates lawyer must possess. Remember your chosen attorney will represent you in the court, he has to be good with his communication skills so that he can express every point. He or she should be able to explain themselves clearly so that there is no doubt or confusion. The lawyer should also be prompt in answering your calls and emails so that you can stay updated about what’s happening.


Last but not the least is the expertise. When a lawyer is completely devoted to his or her practice, they become a known personality. People know them for their work and expertise. Hence your chosen wills and estates lawyer in Vancouver should be a reputed as well as dedicated professional with decades of experience.

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