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Tooth Implant: All You Need to Know

Teeth are an indispensable part of the human body. They are the first in line to help a person digest their food, and it is the person’s responsibility to take care of them, brush them properly, and keep them clean. The nerves also age with the body, resulting in them becoming less sensitive, but still, they will be strong and healthy. As such, one can lose their teeth if one does not take proper care. But accidents can happen in which one can lose teeth in unexpected circumstances. And after losing a tooth, people usually wonder about a single tooth implant cost. Meanwhile, here in Sydney, a single-tooth implant can take anywhere between 4000-8000 AUD. Although people should not consider that by paying a higher price, they will get a better implant. In turn, they should consider a few things before they should go ahead.

Things to Consider for Differentiating Dental Implants

  • The Clinic

The first and foremost thing to consider when one has decided to get their tooth implanted is to check how many teeth implants the doctor at the clinic has done and how successful their previous implants have been. One should only consider an experience of over 20-30 years. Meanwhile, their single tooth implant cost might be high, but there will be a very high chance of a successful implant.

  • Constituents

The next thing to consider is to check what components would be used by the clinic or hospital for implants. As such, a reputable tooth implant manufacturer’s components might be costly. Besides, those well-established brands will provide the components that will last for a very long time. And they will have a low chance of loosening or cracking.

  • The Complexity of the Treatment

The cost of a tooth implant also depends on how complex the implant case is. The implant would be less complex if a person lost their tooth very recently. And if a person lost a tooth many years ago, then the implant will be more complex because additional procedures will be required to prepare the gum for a tooth implant. In easy words, the longer a person waits or delays the implant, the more complex it is as well as the cost.

  • Specialisation

It is necessary to check the specialisation of the surgeon. As such, Australia does not prevent any general dental surgeon from executing complex implant surgeries. And one needs to take this extremely seriously because a poorly skilled surgery can have long-term consequences. So, it is recommended to get in touch with a specialist. They go under a full 3-year training to understand the preciseness of treatment planning and surgical placement.

  • Warranty

This is the final and another crucial thing. The dental implant success rate is more than 90 per cent. But the warranty is important because in the worst case, if the implant loosens or the tooth cracks before a specified period, then the surgeon can replace the implant free of cost. Hence, it would be ideal to pay a little for a warranty than spend the whole amount again on another implant.

A person should consider the above points while comparing a single tooth implant cost from various clinics. A tooth is not a temporary thing or a thing that is used rarely. It is a major part of your mouth that helps you keep alive every day. So, it is best to invest in an implant that stays for a prolonged period. Meanwhile, the Australian Government has provided further info on dental implant procedures, which can be accessed from the website of the Department of Health.

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