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Tips in Hiring a Virtual Assistant

I have been on both sides of the fence so I assume, I may give you a great view on this subject matter. Hiring a Virtual Assistant is just similar as employing a secretary, accountant or any other workers in the “actual world”. The only real factor that will differ, and obviously, is that hiring will probably be completed virtually – by the internet. I am certain, you have got come across of so many negative stories’ on how their Virtual Assistants have messed up their project timelines. However you might also discover out that there are more success stories on their hires. Typically, even when the VA and entrepreneur have not seen in person, they’ve cultivated a superb working relationships.

This is because a lot of the VAs were ex-executives or former employees that just chose to remain at home, for whatever their personal reasons are. This means they are educated and skilled, awaiting for his or her expertise to be tapped by employers. Now, how can an business owner discover these kind of Virtual Assistant? They are all over the place. There are various outsourcing organizations that you can use like oDesk and Enlace and you may even discover them on Craigslist. Here are a number of recommendations that you may use:

1. If you happen to publish a job, be specific with your requirements. Do not just put up, VA wanted or I want search engine optimization specialist. You have to be precise like, “I need a Virtual Assistant who will do these: transcribing telephone conversation, replying business emails, sending out flyers by e mail, etc., who can work four hours a day (PST time zone) and can converse and write English well.” This can filter out these candidates who aren’t qualified. And one other tip is to put what I call “magic phrase” that an applicant must write within his application letter to be able to filter those “spam candidates”, people that don’t study the descriptions previous to applying. You wouldn’t need those applicants.

2.When applicants apply, take time to check the application letters AND their CVs. Narrow down the variety of candidates by separating these with relevant experiences from your job opening.

3. Do not rely on their application letters, it’s a must to interview them. And if you’re planning to get their services long period, carry out a voice-chat interview or just video interview. You can appraise their potential by doing so.

4. Solicit references. Although many employers wished to be anonymous, there are some who shall be keen to be interviewed or asked facts about their VAs.

5. Go to forums. Ask around for suggestions for VAs. I’m certain, many could be willing to provide out information on how they bought their good VAs.

6. Another surefire method is to use small outsourcing agencies. It will give you a Virtual Assistant

7. based on your needs. On average, they would assign 2 workers, the Team Leader and the VA. You simply have to offer the duties and coordinate with the Group Leader. This may mean much less headache and fewer pressure in your part. You do not need to train or supervise the Virtual Assistant anymore – the Team Leader will do this for you. I’ve gone via the process and I concur that now and then, it is annoying that basic tasks should not being achieved properly. But once you bought a gem Virtual Assistant, your life could be 10x easier – and well, of course, lucrative. So what are you waiting for, Hire a Virtual Assistant now! Good luck on your Virtual Assistant hunt!


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