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The Wedding Outfit

The outfits for the bride and groom are the most important outfits planned for the wedding day aside from the wedding decorations like tablecloths, linens and chairs covers used. The saree is the standard wedding attire for the bride. However, in various parts of India, at weddings of different communities, the traditional styles and colors of the saree may vary. The different designs for the groom can be sherwanis, pathan suits and dhoti-kurta. India is the center for wedding attire with clothing stores in major cities. The stores are mostly run by experienced garment manufacturers and businessmen. The ethnic clothing business in India is very old and ethnic authenticity is easy to find.

Tips for buying the wedding suit:

• Plan Ahead: As you shop for the dress you have in mind, you will find many designs that you will like more than the others. Shopping in India will load you with options for choosing the perfect shop by outfit.
• The perfect fit: After choosing your outfit, make sure you have enough time for two or three tries. The bride is advised not to wear makeup in the fittings so as not to leave any chance of it sticking to the dress. During fittings, it is recommended that you bring a friend who gives you an honest opinion on how your outfit looks.
• Options: She may have liked a wedding outfit that she saw in a magazine or on a website. You can take a photo of that to the stores for your convenience. The store staff can also advise you on something that suits you better than you have in mind. Don’t be prejudiced. Keeping your mind open to various options can bring you something better.
• Tailor-made suit: You can opt for a tailor-made suit, which can be from a designer. Make sure you have plenty of time before the wedding to avoid the rush that can affect tailoring quality. Make sure you can see the sketches / pictures of what the dress will look like. Reputable tailors can advise you on the best outfit that can get your guests excited!
• Accessories: To complete your outfit, you can choose a watch and shoes that match your clothes. It is advisable to keep the color scheme attractive. Choose a pair of shoes that matches the ethnicity of your clothing and keeps you comfortable throughout the wedding day.
A dreamy wedding day outfit can make the couple the most attractive and talked about item of the day. Traditionally, the style of clothing you will wear depends on the Indian region you belong to, and shopping will be best done in that part of India. However, for a modernized or themed wedding, tailor-made outfits are more prevalent. It is also advised that you do not avoid wearing a second-hand outfit if it is still in good condition, matching your dream offer.


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