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The straw hats are ideal for summer – The top straw materials you can choose from

Currently, the colder months are coming closer. And that is an indication that we will get to witness the summer season as well soon. Within no time, we will see that summer has arrived, and the sun will rise across the horizon, and we have to experience its heat, along with the warmth. 

The summer months allow everyone to have their outdoor fun under the brightness of the sun. But the modern-day stylists know that it is also time for the best men’s and women’s summer hats to protect the head and eyes from scorching sun rays. When you get to face the heat, there is no other option but to opt-in for a high-end summer straw hat. And if you want to find the ideal summer hats, you can check out the reputed sellers of American hats who are available online. 

So, what is it that guarantees the best straw summer hat? Without a doubt, it’s the material. Today, there are various materials available for men’s and women’s summer straw hats. Discussed below are some of the best materials that you can choose from. 

  • The Panama straw

The Panama straw is a high-end hat material and ideal for women’s and men’s straw summer hats. The original Panama hats get made from straw that’s derived from the toquilla palm plant. This straw is tightly woven and is best for repelling sunlight and water. Hence, it’s a sturdy hat that you can sport outdoors and will function well to keep you protected from the summer sun rays and showers. The material is versatile and lightweight. It is also durable and comes with mild coloration. 

Today, the Panama hat gets considered a stand-alone hat style. However, this hat material also gets used for making a variety of unisex hats for the new-age hat wearers. Another hat style made using the Panama straw is the safari hat and the western straw cowboy hat. Other hat styles are made using the Panama material, which doesn’t adhere to the conventional hat shape and takes liberties in styling. For instance, straw cowboy hats are available in vibrant colors. On the other hand, the traditional Panama hats usually hold on to their innate light coloration. The straw cowboy hats are the best accessories for people who spend a lot of time outdoors during summer. 

  • The Shantung straw

If you want a durable straw hat material, it is the shantung straw. The distinctive process of developing a shantung straw hat includes molding the woven, flat sheet to the hat shape. This straw material is lightweight and thin and is also very resilient to allow the straw material to take the required hat style and shape. Conventionally, the shantung straw is dyed to a light ivory color and is popular for summer and spring hat styles

  • The Seagrass straw

It is one of the most noteworthy materials for a straw hat. This material is beautiful and durable. The material gets directly harvested from an ocean floor, which is why it gets stiff when treated and dried. The straw has a unique appearance and has a natural look. The material is stiff, making it the best choice for crafting vented hats that come with breathability and allow the wearer to fight the humidity and heat during the summer months. The straw hats made from seagrass are stunning and are apt for both genders. However, since it comes with a natural and rugged appearance, it is more popular with males. The material is apt for holding shape and is an “easy to style” accessory. 

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  • The Raffia straw

Sourced directly from popular raffia palm, it is an exquisite and exotic material to make straw hats. It is lightweight and is apt when the temperature soars high. Usually, these hats come with natural coloration and are a perfect accessory. If you have a raffia straw hat, you can wear it with a feminine sundress and get perfectly dressed for your beach vacation. Even men can sport with their summer attire and choose the best design and color. 

So, when it comes to selecting the best material for your summer hat, there is no better option than straw. Today, you have several types of straw material available, and each variant has a unique feature of its own. Most straw hats are breathable and lightweight and come with their distinctive look and characteristics. So, when you are searching for the best summer hats for yourself, you need to be aware of the multiple available types of straw and their benefits. Now that you are aware of the best straw materials, you can choose the one that is best suited for you. You can browse through the website of an online hat maker and make the selection depending on your requirement and budget capacity. 

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