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The Origin Of The Color Argyle Diamond

Argyle Diamonds are named after the Argyle mines in Western Australia, where they were discovered. While some of the Argyle gems are pinkish, not many of them are, as pink diamonds are pretty uncommon. In certain ways, the Argyle identity is a premium brand. They have also created their unique pink diamond evaluation report as well as a nice colour scheme for other Stunning diamonds.

The unusual structure of argyle pink diamonds is ascribed to a magma pipe formed of hematite lamproite, recognized as the Argyle tube. Elements such as quartz, micas, zeolites, and clays are mixed with diamonds throughout their production as a result of an outburst.

Many Argyle diamonds include trace levels of nitrogen contaminants, but the bulk of their colour is due to crystalline lattice design deficiencies.


Even though the 4Cs (Color, Carat, Clarity, and Cut) apply to Argyle diamonds in the same way because they do to certain other stones, the Argyle firm has developed its colour scoring system. Pink gems are classified into four groups: PC (Pink Champagne), PP (Purplish Pink), Pink Rosé (PR), and P (Pink). The stones are then classified depending on the merits of their hue. 

The Beautiful pink diamonds discovered in the mine have a cotton candy pink tint and a great look. Red, on the other hand, is the most uncommon hue.

Clarity, Carat, Color, Cut are the four core constituents of a diamond’s brilliance and construction. Even minor flaws in these criteria might result in a large decrease in a diamond’s worth; thus, it is essential to know the grade of your diamond in these domains.

Pink diamonds out of the Argyle Mine exhibit a brilliant richness of pink hue that is uncommon in diamonds from other nations as they are more likely to be calm and faded.

The ‘clarity’ of a diamond relates to how free of flaws and imperfections it is. The Carat depends on the mass of the diamond, not its size.

A diamond’s cut relates to its form and grade of cut. Diamond cut is graded by the GIA on a level of Brilliant, Outstanding, Absolutely Good, Nice, Average, and Poor.


The Argyle mines produce more than 90% of the planet’s diamonds. Having said that, just one pink diamond is found throughout every 2 tonnes, and a quarter-million tonnes of ore are handled at the mines. Over the last several decades, there has been a significant decrease in Argyle output, which appears to be persisting.

Although Argyle pink diamonds seem to have a particular hue, it is their projected grandeur that drives their price even higher than precious gems on average. Once it concerns Fancy Color Diamonds, hue is perhaps the most significant pricing factor—and this includes diamonds from the Argyle deposit.

Pink diamonds are among the finest and possibly the most desirable of all jewel hues.

The uniformity of colour is an important factor in determining the value and worth of Argyles. Since most diamonds contain at least one tertiary hue, flawless Argyle Diamonds are exceptionally uncommon and precious—the more intense or strong the hue, the more valuable the gemstone.

Because of the poor availability, strong demand, and eventual retirement of Argyle mining, the Argyle diamond market will grow further. However, Argyle’s restricted availability and the desirability of diamonds are now only two pieces of the equation; the firm has performed well in marketing the company’s unique and distinguished Argyle Tender.

The choice to acquire an Argyle stone is influenced by your objectives. Are you just seeking the best-looking diamond for the least cost? If that’s so, a non-branded fuchsia is most likely your best option. However, if you’re looking for a family legacy or a luxury venture, an Argyle stone may be a perfect idea, particularly given the limited availability.

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