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The Necessity To Get To The Root Cause Of Pipe Damage Before Any Long-term Loss!

Imagine waking up one fine morning with no water in the taps but overflowing water in the backyard. It’s hard to imagine the mess and damage that can certainly cost you a great deal of time, effort, and money.

The wrecked backyard is just the beginning. The water pipeline goes inside the house, so one damage collaterals to other damage. The water flow in your home, which results from burst pipes, can lead to flooding and damage to floors, ceilings, walls, wiring, and other structural components if not attended on time. It’s advisable to call for the nearest professional plumbing in Parkwood and get to the root of the cause of probably damaged pipes. 

Let’s see some of the consequences of burst pipe if it’s let alone for a quite long time:

Structural damage:

Wood and water are the worst enemies, and nothing can do wood as bad as water could. If the water seeps into your home through burst pipes, then the entire frame of the house can slowly fall into crumbles. Repairs to damaged doors and furniture come at an exorbitant price, which is not always easy to shell. 

Long term damage:

If water seeps into the wrong places, it can cause massive destruction to everything in the house, including your carpet, insulation, electronics, and even the heirlooms. Often these damages are irreversible and destroy your house’s internal wire structure. 

Mold in dampness:

Molds grow rapidly in damp areas, in the corner of your gardens, below the rustics of your aesthetics, in the cuts of the ceiling, in your loos. Your house will become ancient with mold in less than no time. 

Now that we know the outcomes let’s understand the root causes of pipe bursts to avoid them before they can even happen!

Tree Root Encroachment:

Reason: When the trees grow large, their roots extend further in the soil until they contact the water pipes as a source of underground water. The pipes are not as strong as roots and often end up cracking.

Solution: If you are planting any tree, try to plant it far from the water pipes. 


Reason: When temperatures drop below 0 degrees Fahrenheit, the water inside the pipes can freeze too. When there is excess water accumulation at one spot in the pipe, the pressure becomes too much, and the pipes burst.

Solution: It’s advised to put faucets on a drip. This helps the water to continue moving without allowing it to freeze in one place. 


Reason: Clogs can cause undue pressure in the pipes, and when the pressure becomes too much and unbearable for the pipe, it will crack open.

Solution: Anything including hair, bathroom products, or food can cause congested pipes; therefore, make sure to check everything before seeping them down the toilet.

Corrosive pipes:

Steel pipes can also burst due to corrosion. However, the water flow for several years is the biggest reason for steel pipes’ corrosion.

Solution: Replace your steel pipes with corrosion-resistant copper or plastic pipes,

A stitch in time saves nine. Unfortunately, with the changing weather, your plumbings become more prone to corrosion and breakage. It’s advisable to call the reputed water plumber near you and get all your fittings checked.


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