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The Different Types of Manufacturing Processes That Exist Today

The manufacturing industry contributed about $2269.2 billion to the country’s GDP in 2020. This shows how crucial the manufacturing industry is to the US economy.

Manufacturing businesses help the US government by creating more employment opportunities. When you think about manufacturing, endless lines of assembly come to mind. Yet, product manufacturing takes up many forms.

It’s critical to know each of them, especially when you want to get into the manufacturing business. Read on to learn about the different types of manufacturing processes that exist today.

1. Job Shop Manufacturing Process

This product manufacturing process is ideal for businesses that have a demand for custom-made goods. Sometimes, the client is specific on what they want. Thus, you must make a product that meets their unique needs.

The main aim of a job shop manufacturing process is to produce custom products. It utilizes workstations as opposed to the assembly line. This process is common in the making of decor pieces, art, and furniture.

2. Repetitive Manufacturing

A repetitive manufacturing process takes advantage of rapid prototyping to generate generic products. It’s ideal for the production of many similar products round the clock. This happens when there is a stable and predictable market for the goods.

You can hit the target production mark with the help of robots and automated equipment. Besides, automation helps lower production costs while increasing the profit margin. Take advantage of optimization tips from the best ERP vendors for manufacturing plants.

3. Discrete Manufacturing

Discrete manufacturing is more or less like a repetitive manufacturing process. However, discrete manufacturing focuses on producing varying products. So, you will need to change the settings of the assembly line from time to time.

This increases the production cost. Production will demand more time and labor in making the different constraints for each product. However, it pays off by having more returns and market demand than plain generic products.

4. Continuous Process Manufacturing

Continuous manufacturing is very much like repetitive manufacturing. There is the production of numerous similar products 24/7. The difference is that continuous process manufacturing utilizes nob-solid raw materials components.

For instance, the raw material could be in gas or liquid form. This process is common in the production of fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, and power stations.

5. Batch Manufacturing Processes

Batch manufacturing process enables you to produce many custom goods for a particular client. Technicians clean the equipment between orders.

This is because the next order might need a different blend of raw materials. Besides, it’s similar to continuous processes due to the state of raw materials.

Different Types of Manufacturing Processes

As noted above, there are many different types of manufacturing processes. It’s advisable to understand the nature of your product before settling for a manufacturing process.

Besides, your target audience will dictate whether you will make custom or generic goods. ERP vendors are the best to utilize when trying to make sense of your product chain. Check out the rest of our website for more insightful tips.

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