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The Benefits of Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive Whiteboads are a new teaching craze that schools are beginning to pick up. Many classrooms have whiteboards and often still use a chalkboard. However with technology as it is currently, the classrooms are moving towards interactive whiteboards compared to the basic ones. Not only are these new boards sweeping the classroom, but they are becoming increasingly popular through the business world as well.

There are quite a few benefits to this new technology when it comes to interactive white boards. Teachers no longer need the big projectors, white boards, and other various electronics to show a student something for learning. Whether it is notes for the students, a movie, or interactive learning, it can be projected through the compute. This will eliminate the problems of having more then one electronic device at once.

It is true that any thing that can be done on a computer monitor can also be done on the interactive white board. Not only can a teacher create a more exciting lesson, but they can also involve the student in the lesson after it has been created. Students can do math problems on the board, they can also draw and create anything that they would like to create.

The technology behind this device is phenomonal. There are plenty of ideas that a teacher can do with this software. They can use sounds, pictures, videos or any thing else that can be done on the internet while using the interactive whiteboard.

With the interactive whiteboard, a teacher can also show students presentations, notes and other websites. For students who learn from repeated things, a teacher can use the whiteboard to record audio and visual files for them to watch at later times. This will help those who need a more hands on experience when it comes to learning.

Another benefit from an interactive white board is that teachers can use it for reading lessons. A program called mimic books is currently available to be used for this. Children of a younger age will benefit from this program.

With the Interactive Whiteboard, a student can also use a dry erase marker on it but they can also use a stylus, or a finger for marking. By not using a dry erase marker the whiteboard is easy to clean, and helps with costs by eliminating dry erase markers and erasers from month to month.

Lastly the board is a great thing for the many different types of classes. These whiteboards are great for creating copies of al lthe brainstorming and notes that have been created on the whiteboard. Due to it being connected to a computer, copies can easily be printed for each student who would like one.

These products are great for teachers who are really looking to involve their students more in the learning process. Not only can students become more involved with their learning but students will have more fun learning through these different subjects. An interactive whiteboard is becoming a new thing in most classrooms now, and will become a wave of the future in learning.


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