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Smartphones – Exploring its Good and Bad Sides

A Shortfall of the Early Cellular Phone Industry and the Beginning of the Smartphone Era

We certainly are no more in the stone age, an era of our times when early communicating devices were as big and as heavy as a brick. Yes! We possibly wouldn’t have imagined those devices today as they would look completely odd and make us feel awkward in the surroundings. However, communication has always been a need. Be it for personal purposes or commercial uses, communicating with one another removes possible hurdles and confusions and allows one to reach their ultimate aims and objectives rather effectively and efficiently.

Time changed and these bricks were converted into a more convenient form. We all have been Nokia’s fans at one point in life when every month was exciting as new models were introduced and released in the markets. Affordability was not a major issue and technology had attracted every one of us. The cellular phone industry went smooth for more than a decade when things slowed down abruptly in late 2010. Many of the tech-geeks believed that the penetration of Apple into the cellular phone industry was a big reason. But No! Apple didn’t just come up with a cellular phone, but it was a smartphone, which responded to your significant needs rather efficiently taking over different uses of a modern computer system or a laptop, always available within pockets.

Yes! This was the time when smartphones were introduced and they dramatically changed the industry’s dynamics. Nokia, one of the toughest competitors in the market was reporting persistent declines within its sales and its rival, Samsung, had been going up. Why? Because Samsung was amongst the first few contenders to understand the market’s need for a smartphone and understand its establishing trend.

Going Deeper into the Smartphone World

What was a smartphone? Well, it won’t be wrong to say that it could mimic some of the critical features of a traditional computer system or a laptop. You probably hold a compact and convenient computer system today in your pockets, which might be several times more efficient than the laptops.

A traditional smartphone came packed in two major software ecosystems, the Android by Google or the iOS by Apple. These two rivals still exist in the smartphone industry today, but going back to the hot times, the rivals were frustrated and they came up with their ecosystems. Nokia introduced Windows and Symbian while Blackberry headed with its BB OS. None of them was even near to the offerings of Android and Apple as they provided services that we needed and not preaching with something in the form of commercial rivalry.

Things became interesting by 2015 when Android and iOS successfully survived in the market and other rivals got on their knees and were ready to amalgamate with Google to introduce Android in their devices to ensure survival ahead as well. To date, iOS still has its monopoly in different aspects including safety, security, ease, etc.

Research conducted by the skilled writers and researchers at Cheap Assignment Writing Service UK concluded the fact that every region in this world has a separate and discrete perception on smartphones, its preference and the ecosystem it provides. A majority of the users in the USA are stuck with Apple, not because it is made in California, but due to the convenience and ease provided within its interface for its users. Whereas, China is inherited with Google and its ecosystem and the use of iOS is barely witnessed in the surrounding.

Some Key Benefits of Smartphones

All of us are smartphone users today and if someone we know denies it, they surely are lying as life without a smartphone is impossible today. You wouldn’t start your day without checking some emails while still in your bed or communicate efficiently and promptly with clients, customers, co-workers or even managerial individuals through Whatsapp, having something critical to discuss. Socialising has separated needs hence all these requirements complete a modern human.

Similarly, there some key benefits associated with smartphones which are inclusive of the following:

Keeping Connected Socially – Perhaps, smartphones have played one of the major roles in life which are connecting people closely. We all had some relatives or even close family members, living abroad and communicating and interacting with them was not just difficult but was very expensive as well. But, smartphones being equipped with modern Wi-Fi technology makes communication easy and as crystal and clear as water.

Entertainment in your Pockets – Smartphones not only serve as communicating devices but are a complete entertainment platform. You can have a home theatre or even a gaming setup, all in your pockets. Similarly, applications such as YouTube offer a variety of different videos to watch and enjoy, not just alone but with anyone, you feel comfortable with.

The Darker Side of Smartphones

Way too Addictive Especially for the Youngsters – Unlike drugs, a smartphone is an addiction that is not usually highlighted in society but still, it has significant impacts. The young generation is more into smartphones and they barely care about their physical health, getting obese and having reduced ability to see properly.

Are Pretty Expensive Today – The addiction to the new smartphone model is so sensitive that you couldn’t possibly move along with one device consistently for a couple of months. But, the only barrier which remains when buying a new one is that they are very expensive and can cost you nearly as much as a used car. Hence, take a wise decision to burden your pockets less.

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