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Signs Telling Now Is the Time to Get the Posture Perfect Mattress This Festive Season

When any of your favorite pants or sweater gets ripped, you certainly know it is the ideal time to replace them. Having anything useless like a douchebag you don’t use anymore is not a wise thing to do, especially when most of us prefer to live a minimalist lifestyle. What about your mattress? Do you have the best mattress for good posture? We bet! Half of you won’t have even thought about this. 

Usually, we all know that feeling of sinking into the bed after a hectic day. However, if you are sinking too far, you might be doing something harm instead of good. After all, everyone deserves a good amount of sleep after a long day. So there’s something else that is just beyond our personal preferences, and that is none other than the firmness level of the perfect posture mattress. Otherwise, you should be all set to welcome problems like back pain, joint stiffness, and muscle pain.

Putting in simple words, here are a few signs that indicate your mattress is way too soft and needs to be replaced with a firmer mattress. 

#1 Waking up With Lower Back Stiffness 

The most common symptom would be when your bed might be too soft and gives you soreness every morning. This normally happens when you stay in bed for a longer time and there are many other reasons as well. However, persistent pain and morning aches are the most obvious signs that your mattress is the underlying cause. 

#2 Never feeling Comfortable 

Turning and tossing every once in a while is also pretty common, which also contributes to stress, insomnia, and anxiety. That being said, your mattress is totally responsible for the factor of how long it takes for you to fall asleep at night. If you find yourself continuously readjusting, then that is the time to replace your soft mattress and let your muscles relax in some of the best  mattresses in India

#3 Getting up With Neck and Shoulder Pain 

Generally, stomach sleepers are quite advised by medical experts to be quite careful about their mattress firmness. The reason being is that sleeping on your stomach puts extra pressure on the upper back, jaw, and neck due to unnatural turning needed in that position. If you sleep on your stomach and are sure you have the right type of pillow and bed for your sleep preferences, but still continue to experience more of that shoulder and neck pain, then it could be the sign that your hips are laying too far within the mattress. 

#4 Struggling to Get Out of Bed Everyday 

Do you always feel stuck in your bed and have a hard time getting up every time? If yes, then this could be another sign that your mattress is too soft. Choose a hybrid or PU foam mattress with high resilience to get that lacking firmness and waking up fresher without feeling stuck every morning. 

#5 Getting that “Bottom Out” Feel 

You need to know that quality firm mattresses are designed with multiple layers that offer absolute comfort by adapting to your natural body contour. So whenever you feel that you sink all the way to the bottom of those support layers, your mattress definitely is too worn or too soft. Better get it replaced as soon as possible. 

As our sleep preferences change with time, so does our lumbar needs more consistent support. so , find some time to consider some options for the best mattress for good posture online, and invest in a mattress that serves utmost comfort. 


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