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Showd Wordle – Explore List of All Clues to Showd Game Wordle

Wordle 348 Walkthrough and a brief description of the gameplay of this game. To read more, check below.

The objective of Showd Wordle is simple – find all of the words hidden in the grid. However, the challenge lies in figuring out which words go where. The clues provided with each puzzle can be helpful, but they may not always be straightforward.

One tip that can help is looking for words related to the Show theme. For example, if the puzzle is based on a TV show, look for words related to the characters or plot. Or, if the puzzle is based on a movie, look for words related to the actors or story. With a little bit of creative thinking, you should be able to figure out the Show Wordle.

If you get stuck, don’t worry – we’ll be here to help with the Showd Wordle 348 Solution. Check back soon for the answer and more Showd Wordle tips and hints. Thanks for playing!

Wordle 348 – How to Solve?

The Showd Wordle is a popular puzzle making the rounds on the internet for some time now. The object of the puzzle is to find the correct word that fits into the given space. Today, most players thought and gave a wrong answer as ‘Showd.’ The exact solution to today’s Wordle is ‘Showy.’

If you are stuck on this particular puzzle, don’t worry – we are here to help you out! To solve the Showd Wordle, think of another word that has a similar meaning to the clue given. In this case, the clue was ‘ostentatious or flashy.’

Wordle 348 – Hints:

The answer has only 1 vowel; The vowel is positioned in the middle; the solution has a first 4 letter word which is commonly used. Showd is an incorrect guess.

The answer to Showd Wordle 348 can be guessed very commonly. Even with these clues in mind, people thought the actual answer was “Shown,” which is incorrect.

Explore List of All Clues to Showd Game Wordle:

  • Showd is a game that involves creating words from a set of letters.
  • The goal is to create as many words as possible, using all of the letters given.
  • Showd can be played solo or with others.
  • Showd is a great way to improve your vocabulary and spelling skills.
  • Showd is a fun and challenging game for all ages.

Wordle Game: Showd

Josh Wardle is the developer of Showd, a quiz game based on words played by every player worldwide. In this interesting time, I would like to come forniti alcuni indizi e devono trovare una parola di 5 lettere bastata sui suggerimenti.

Similar to the previous answers, each solution should have an appropriate meaning. Because people guessed the answer as “SHOW” and then, they searched for a word is shown. Yes, it is a word with the definition – ‘sway here and there. Now, let’s read below what exactly the rules of this gameplay are.

The object of Showd is to find all of the words in a grid. The grid is displayed for a set amount of time, usually about 5 seconds. After that, the words are hidden in tiles, and disappear. If you can’t find a comment at any time, you can use a hint, which will show you one of the words. You get 3 touches per game.

There are 3 levels to Showd:

  • Level 1 is a 5×5 grid with easy words
  • Level 2 is a 6×6 grid with medium words
  • Level 3 is a 7×7 grid with hard words

You earn points for each word you find.

  • Level 1: 1 point per word
  • Level 2: 2 points per word
  • Level 3: 3 points
Wordle Gameplay:

The game’s objective is to guess a 5-letter word based on the given hints.

You will get six chances to solve the puzzle.

Once you put your hint, the color change will depict if your guess is correct.

The green color depicts a right guess. The yellow color represents the letter position as incorrect.

As found in the Showd Wordle hint, the grey color depicts a wrong guess when you put the ‘D’ letter in the last place for today’s answer.

If players want to socialize their effort, they can share it within the circle of friends.


Showd Wordle is easy and common; the answer is showy. This article has given you all clues, hints, rules, and correct answers to today’s Wordle, and still, if you want more details on the Wordle 348, click here on this link. Thanks for playing!




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