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Should You Purchase Real Estate During the Bull Market of 2022?

There is no doubt that the housing market in North America is experiencing a powerful bull run, with home prices up 20% or more, in desirable cities in the U.S. and Canada. The price hikes have priced many buyers out of the market, while others may need to buy smaller homes, with lower prices. Still, lots of people are moving and can afford the price tags, which continues to push the bull market forward.

Some say that the rich keep getting richer. But can owning real estate help those without financial freedom, gain some during the housing market boom today…

So, is it a good time to buy a home in 2022?

Why Are Prices Up?

The simple reason why prices for homes are up because people are buying faster than the supply of homes for sale. Sounds simple, but there are some extremely important things to look at, to properly understand where things are going. The new construction home builders’ activities are a great way to measure any housing market.

The more they are investing in building new home communities in any area, means they are confident they can sell all the homes for top dollar, or else they wouldn’t be building them whatsoever.

In any case, tons of money are pouring into real estate from these builders, and the buyers who are purchasing them all.

Can You Easily Find Your Perfect Home?

It can be challenging to secure the home of your dreams, especially if you’re buying with a mortgage, that requires you to stay within the purchase price your approved for. Not to mention that, choosing the right mortgage broker is paramount in fast paced housing markets.

They can make, or break, your deal!

How to Choose a Lender?

Make sure that the mortgage broker you choose is experienced and has a wealth of knowledge about bustling markets. The reason is simple. Your lender can help you execute a plan when buying your house. Alongside your realtor, your mortgage broker can customize your home loan to be more attractive for sellers.

Weather that means getting you approved for that little bit extra, to get to the seller’s price, that makes the deal happen.

Or, providing you with a conditional approval before you go shopping, to let sellers know your loan is solid and will close seamlessly. The last thing sellers want is Shakey loan approvals, or just coming to the offer table with a pre-qualification letter, which doesn’t mean much these days.

Should You Hire a realtor?

Many folks think they can go it alone. Some do, while others hire realtors to represent them during the buying process. The facts are that typically hiring a buyer’s agent will not cost you a dime as a buyer. Again, sellers pay the real estate commissions on both sides.

Hiring a realtor can be the smartest decision you make. Especially if you don’t have real estate buying experience. Even if you plan to purchase new construction and may think a realtor isn’t needed.

On the contrary, buyers’ agents should be experts in the area you’re looking to purchase real estate within. They should have tons of introspection about the market and what local sellers expect pricewise.

The truth is that people with little to no experience buying and selling homes could really benefit from hiring a real estate agent in 2022.

New home builders will pay their commissions and your realtor can ensure you get any builder incentives, or can help you push the builder for discounts, upgrades, and options, you might otherwise not know you can get.

Conclusion to This All!

Maybe you want to move in 2022 and want to live somewhere you’re not familiar with yet. Getting the proper representation can help you take advantage of everything that’s possible within the real estate space. Buying a home is exiting and provides you with so many benefits that its worth owning real estate this year.

Not to mention that paying rent is throwing your money away every month, with zero returns and no ROI. Owning properties gives you the opportunity to obtain healthy financial gains when the market continues to grow. Plus allows you to live everyday on your own terms and free from the rules and regulations that apartments and landlords require.

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