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Tips On Recovery After Undergoing Breast Augmentation

Any woman who has undergone breast augmentation should follow doctor instructions on recovery to experience the best results of the procedure. Moreover, this recovery period will help them maximize their comfort and minimize any physical setbacks stemming from the procedure. Below are some measures to avoid and minimize the uncomfortable aftereffects of breast augmentation.

Recovery Issues about Breast Augmentation

Most surgeons highly recommend patients to limit their physical (and strenuous) activities and get plenty of rest after the procedure. Some physical activities that should be avoided include bending; stretching or straining that could prolong or accentuate pain in the chest area. If a woman’s occupation does not call for too much physical work, the she could resume her work in about a week.

The first 24-48 hours after the surgery brings chest discomfort and pain, and patients need to worry since this is normal. This pain can come in the form soreness and fatigue. This is why surgeons recommend that a friend or family member accompany the patient to the clinic and help her get home after the procedure and/or checkup. Gauze wrapped around the breast can be removed after a few days and be replaced with a surgical bra. The stitches can also be removed on the 10th day if no complications arise.

One month after the surgery can also be a time where the newly enlarge breasts can be sensitive and swollen. Until the breast’s swollenness subsides, any physical contact with the breast should be avoided. Since sex is a form of exercise, resuming to that activity may take much longer. Moreover, antibiotics that are prescribed during the recovery could intervene with birth control pills that women take. Hence, you can ask your surgeon for breast augmentation San Jose clinic about the best time to resume sexual activity.

It is also not true that a woman who had breast surgery should lie on their backs forever. Since swelling is temporary, a women can typically lie sideward or on their back ten days after the surgery. Additionally, it is normal to feel numbness around the breast area after the surgery. In most cases, sensation comes back after a few hours. A surgeon specializing in breast and cosmetic surgery San Jose area can provide medications if numbness persist.

Undergoing breast enhancements and liposuction San Jose women recommend is meeting the procedure halfway. The other half highly depends on how patients faithfully follow their surgeon’s advice about recovering. A beautiful and satisfying breast enhancement result can come when breasts are allowed to heal or recover fully. Hence, recovery entails patience and careful attention which can be handled well by patients if they are surrounded with supportive friends and family.


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