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PWD Full Form – Responsibilities, FAQ

What is the full form of PWD?

PWD Full Form: Public Works Department

The full form of PWD is the Public Works Department. It’s a public work agency of the different state and Indian governments. The department is responsible for executing, monitoring and regulating various public works projects in the country. Some of its essential functions include developing and maintaining infrastructure such as roads, bridges, canals, railways, etc. It also undertakes activities like flood control, rural electrification and sanitation. The PWD is one of the most critical departments in any state government and plays a crucial role in the region’s overall development.

PWD responsibilities

The public works department, or PWD, is responsible for a variety of important duties in towns and cities across the country. Some of these responsibilities include constructing new government infrastructure, providing clean drinking water, and fixing broken water pipelines. Public works development typically carries the same duties in all states, such as designing and building all government public projects, securing roads and highways, and maintaining and upgrading government infrastructure.

Know About PWD work categories

The work and responsibilities of the Public works department can be broadly classified into four categories – construction, maintenance, drinking water and bridges.

Construction work includes the building and upkeep of all government buildings. Maintenance work includes tasks such as repairing roads, highways and flyovers, and maintaining bridges. The drinking-water system ensures everyone in the city has access to clean water. And finally, the Bridges department is responsible for constructing and maintaining all bridges in the city.


How can I get PWD in India?

If you are looking to get PWD in India, you must meet the eligibility criteria. This includes being Indian, between 18 and 45, and having secondary education from a recognized board. You will also need to fall within one of the reserved categories for PWD. You can apply for PWD through your local district office if you meet these requirements.

What is the expansion of PWD?

The PWD or public works department is a government department that is responsible for the construction and maintenance of public infrastructure such as general government buildings, public transport, roads and drinking water systems etc. The expansion of PWD means that this critical government department is growing and becoming more involved in the construction and maintenance of public infrastructure. This is good news for the people of India, as it means that they will be able to benefit from better quality public infrastructure.

What is the role of PWD?

The public works department (PWD) is a government organization that provides consultancy services for public projects. Their primary focus is on the planning, designing and construction of civil engineering projects. PWD plays an essential role in ensuring that these projects are completed efficiently and effectively. They work with other government agencies and private organizations to make sure that everything goes smoothly from start to finish. PWD is also responsible for maintaining public infrastructures such as roads, bridges and tunnels. Thanks to their expertise and experience, PWD is a crucial part of any government’s infrastructure development plans.

Do You Know full form of PWD in candidate categories?

There are two categories of PWD candidates: those with a specified disability and those without an identified disability. According to the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016, person with at least 40 per cent of a specified disability from both define disability and not specified disability are under categories under the PWD category. This includes people who are blind, deaf, have low vision, have a mental illness, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, etc. However, people with disabilities not listed in the Act are also considered under the PWD category.

Some other famous full forms of PWD

  • PWD- Path of Working Directory- in computing and Networking
  • PWD- Password in the Digital world

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