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Purchase the Perfect Mattress Online: A Guide

Do you have a problem with your back? Is it keeping you up at night? The cause for this could be an old, worn out mattress. Purchasing a new online mattress might be tiresome, but it’s something that must be done if you are seeking undisturbed, comfortable sleep.

Being short on time may render you unable to venture from shop to shop to test out several mattresses, and in this circumstance, online shopping will be a huge help. Today, you have the ability to purchase goods and services from wherever it is convenient to you. Why should mattress shopping be any different? Once bought, your bedding will be delivered to your door in a matter of days, with the promise of exchange and return, as well as free delivery. (You may always return the product and ask for a refund if you’re displeased with your order.)

The disadvantage of this choice, if any, is that you will almost certainly have to dispose of your old mattress and put up your new mattress by yourself. But, this should not be a cause for concern. The pros of purchasing a mattress online outweigh the cons. 

Searching through several websites, debating between foam and gel, and determining the correct size and design for your space can be overwhelming. We’ve done some research and have created a list of the most important factors to consider before you hit the ‘buy’ button.

Things to keep in mind when buying a mattress online:


Research the type of material utilised to construct the mattress while buying an online mattress in India. Mattresses composed of springs feel more elastic. The interconnected coils are much more durable, and the individual coils are covered with linen, so whenever a person walks on the bed or shifts from side to side, there is no ripple effect. A binge-watching session of your favourite TV series, with a meal from Swiggy, will be perfect on such a mattress because your food will not spill when you move from one side to the other.

A firm foundation/ base

A memory foam mattress is a wonderful option. This alternative has little to no spring and can help you ease discomfort, especially if you suffer from back aches. Examine the density and depth of the foam to verify if it is of desirable quality. The density will indicate if the bedding will sink into the mattress or not. Different layers of foam are used in newer mattresses. For improved support, lighter foam layers are placed on top and heavier ones are layered underneath. Sleepyhead™, for example, has a selection of mattresses that can assist in straightening the spine and in distributing pressure evenly throughout the body.

A mattress topper helps

Spring mattresses feature either a foam outer layer or a fibre filling. A large quilt covers the outside of the bed. Although a plush mattress may appeal to you, it may not always be firm. Over time, the top may contract. Purchase a firm mattress and a machine-washable mattress topper to go with it. Choose an allergen-free one if you have allergies or illnesses. Foam and/or latex mattresses would work well for you due to the antibacterial and dust mite and mould proof qualities they possess.

Pains and discomfort

The best type of mattress that can provide you relief from back pain is the memory foam mattress. This mattress conforms to the body’s shape and provides relief to an aching back. Memory foam mattress toppers are an excellent and economical alternative if you already have a firm mattress. They enhance the look of your bedroom and don’t require you to update your bedding. 

If you get hot while sleeping, a mattress with a cooling gel layer is the right choice for you. The air pockets between the different layers make for better circulation and prevent the mattress from warming up.

Chemical-related concerns

Foam mattresses are frequently certified, indicating that the foam contains no hazardous materials. Look for GOLS approval for latex and Oeko-Tex accreditation for other textiles.

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