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Perfecting Your Smile: 5 Key Signs You May Need Braces

1. You Don’t Like Your Smile

One of the biggest signs that you need to get braces is if you don’t like your smile. Being unhappy with your smile can cause you to feel self-conscious, stressed, and unhappy. 

Because it is easy to fix your smile with braces, you shouldn’t have to go through life feeling self-conscious. Having a beautiful, healthy smile can help you make a good first impression and reduce stress. 

2. You Have an Underbite or Overbite

Another common sign that you need braces is an underbite or an overbite. An underbite happens when your bottom teeth stick out further than your top teeth. Having an underbite can lead to jaw pain and difficulty speaking. 

An overbite happens when your top teeth overlap your bottom teeth. Having an overbite increases your risk of accidental tooth damage or tooth decay over time. 

The best way to treat an underbite or overbite is with braces. If you don’t treat these conditions, you could have a variety of oral health issues in the future. 

3. You Have Jaw Pain

Do you experience jaw pain? If so, that is another sign that you need braces. While occasional jaw pain could be nothing to worry about, chronic jaw pain is a sign of TMJ disorder

When you have misaligned teeth, they can cause issues with your jaw. This is particularly true if you have crowded teeth. When you get braces, an orthodontist can ensure that your teeth are aligned and have enough space. 

4. You Have a Hard Time Cleaning Your Teeth

If you have a hard time cleaning your teeth, that is another sign that you need braces. When your teeth have large gaps or tight spaces, it can be hard to brush and floss. 

Even when you have a good cleaning routine, you may notice that you aren’t removing all plaque, and you could have more cavities. One of the best braces benefits is that your teeth become easier to clean. 

5. You Have a Difficult Time Talking or Eating

When you have crooked teeth, it could be hard to talk or eat. This is because your teeth may overlap each other or protrude at odd angles. 

If you bite your cheek when eating or slur your words when talking, getting braces can help. 

Do You Need Braces?

Braces are one of the best ways to straighten your teeth, become more self-confident, and have a healthy smile. Are you wondering, “Do I need braces?” If so, keep these common signs in mind. 

Did you enjoy reading this article on the benefits of braces? If so, check out the health category to learn more about wearing braces.

Did you know that 4 million people in the United States have braces at any point? Braces are one of the best ways to improve crooked teeth, increase your self-confidence, and prevent tooth loss. 

If you don’t get braces, you may have difficulty cleaning your teeth, increase your odds of breaking a tooth, and you might not feel confident when smiling. 

What are some common signs you need braces? Keep reading for 5 signs that you need adult braces. 

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