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PCM Full Form – Pulse Code Modulation

What is the full form of PCM?

PCM Full Form – Pulse Code Modulation

The PCM full form is Pulse Code Modulation. PCM is a technique used to convert analog signals into digital communication. PCM is one of the most noise-resistant transmission methods, but it requires high transmitter bandwidth to transmit analog signal to digital signals. PCM is commonly used in voice communication systems.


Stands for Linear Pulse Code Modulation. PCM is a specific type of pulse code modulation which means linear pulse code modulation. In linear pulse code modulation, the quantization levels are linearly uniform. This is different from the pulse code modulation encodings where quantization levels depend on the function of amplitude which can be presented as the A-law algorithm or the U-law algorithm.

Pulse code modulation is a more common term used instead of LPCM, and it is generally used to present data encoded as Linear pulse code modulation.

PCM history

It can be traced back to the early 1900s when Alec Reeves, a British engineer, conceived of the idea while working for the International Telephone and Telegraph (ITT) in France. However, it was not until 1938 that Reeves filed for a French patent, and in 1943 that his US patent was granted. In the meantime, Reeves had started working at the Telecommunications Research Establishment (TRE) in the UK.

PCM was first used commercially in 1962 by AT&T in their long-distance telephone network. PCM has since been adopted as the standard form of digital voice transmission by most telephone companies worldwide. PCM is also used in many other applications such as computer memory, audio recording and playback, and data storage.

PCM in engineering

Refers to Phase change memory which is a non-volatile memory or NVRAM. PCM is also known as perfect RAM due to its excellent performance characteristics. PCM is an innovative type of high speed, high volume memory, and high-density technology. PCM offers many benefits over other types of memories, including faster data access times, lower power consumption, and more reliable data storage. Thanks to these advantages, PCM is expected to play a major role in the future of computing and data storage.

Advantages of PCM over NAND Flash

1. PCM has faster write cycles than NAND flash. This is because NAND flash needs to merge data and information before writing new data.

2. PCM also requires lower power needs than NAND.

Overall, PCM offers faster write speeds and lower power consumption, making it more attractive for many applications.

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