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Own A Gallery? Shipping Toolkit That You Must Possess!

Let’s get straight to the shipping and packing toolkit every gallery or store owner must have without beating around the bush. 

We have prepared this list by consulting the knowledgeable and experienced fine art shippers across the globe. 

Packing Tools 

  • Knife Or A Box Cutter

Having a high-quality and heavy-duty box cutter is one of the most important tools that one must have in their shipping and packing toolkit. If the knife or cutter is not sharp enough, the cuts might get messy, and your packing would not be sturdy enough for long-distance shipping. 

Also, make sure to change the razor blade after packing every five packages. 

  • A Heavy Duty Tape Gun

It is best to have a 2” packing tape gun. Find a tape gun that offers a gun resistance adjustment knob or screw. You will understand its importance and effectiveness once you regularly use the gun. 

  • Multiple Sharpies For Marking 

Nothing works better than a sharpie for marking the cardboard for cutting it. A pencil works fine, but it is easier to conceal or erase. Thus, it is best to purchase versatile sharpie markers that are ideal for marking the packing materials. 

  • An Indispensable Gadget – Box Sizer

It is a specialized tool that needs to be ordered online. However, it is an indispensable tool once you get the hang of it. Box sizer is a tool that allows you to create smooth and even scores on the cardboard. The scores you create allow you to fold the cardboard easily whenever and in whatever size you may need. 

Packaging Supplies 

  • Packing Boxes

There are three primary sizes of the card boxes for shipping the paintings that one must have in their supply box. 

  1. 28” x 4” x 24”
  2. 37” x 4 3/8” x 30”
  3. 36” x 6” x 42”

However, the sizes of the box may vary depending on the requirements of the products.

If your artwork is large enough that it doesn’t fit in one box, then it is best to use custom shipping crates. The packing boxes are inexpensive, but it is best to hire fine art shippers that offer custom shipping crates to provide sufficient protection for the fine arts or sculptures. 

  • Bubble Wrapping Sheet 

It might be difficult to believe that something that poops up so easily has the power to protect your precious paintings, sculptures, and fine art pieces. However, the bubble sheet has a strength that distributes pressure and impact across the wide-area that eventually protects the art pieces while shipping nationally or internationally. Also, make sure never to use styrofoam while shipping paintings. 

  • High-Quality Packing Tape

Every penny counts; however, packing tape is not the thing where you shouldn’t pinch those pennies. Cheap quality tape is harder to apply, cut, and even difficult to stick. You might use two to three layers of tape to secure the box if the quality of the tape is very low. 

It, in return, would end up costing you even more than you are supposed to pay for the high quality of the packing tape. Thus, it is best to invest in high-quality tape before you might end up spending more money. 

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