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Nwishop Reviews – Is Nwishop Legit?

Nwishop is an online store that offers heavy discounts and free delivery on summer clothes and accessories. They have a wide range of clothing for toddlers as well.

Nwishop offers great discounts on summer clothes. You can find casual outfits as well as cool accessories at Nwishop. They also have a wide range of clothing for toddlers. Nwishop offers free delivery on all orders over $50. Nwishop is a great place to shop for summer clothes for the whole family.

If you’re looking for summer clothes at great prices, Nwishop is the place to shop. With free delivery on orders over $50, it’s easy to get your summer wardrobe sorted at Nwishop.

About is a fraudulent website that sells counterfeit apparel and athletic products. was registered in May 2022, but the website falsely claims to have been around since 2006. manufactures nothing; all of the products sold on the website are counterfeit and of inferior quality. is not a reputable website and should be avoided. this time sells 240 items, including:

There are 120 types of shoes

  • Masks,
  • Socks,
  • Innerwear,
  • Styles for summer that are fashionable
  • Slippers,
  • Tracksuits,
  • T-Shirts,
  • Cargoes and pants
  • Baby clothing
  • Swimsuits,
  • Sandals, etc.


  • Buy summer clothes and accessories at:
  • Social media Link:Not Included at Nwishop. Starts at $12.00
  • Physical Address: 71 Shelton St., Convent Garden, London-WC2H9JQ, England.
  • Blogs and Customer Reviews: not Supported by Nwishop.
  • Terms And Conditions: unspecified in Nwishop.
  • Privacy policy is mentioned, however plagiarism was found at Nwishop.
  • Phone or Whatsapp Number:unspecified by Nwishop
  • Store locator not listed on Nwishop
  • Delivery PolicyNwishop provides standard orders within nine days, and express orders (chargeable), within five days.
  • Shipping PolicyNwishop takes 48 hours to ship an order via FedEx/UPS, DHL/USPS, USPS, and TNT
  • Cancellation Policies: unspecified in Nwishop
  • Tracking: possible with an email address on
  • Return Policies: unspecified by Nwishop
  • Restocking fee: unspecified in Nwishop
  • No Refund Policy: Not Specified on Nwishop
  • Email address:
  • Only: by PayPal
  • Newsletters Supported By Nwishop

Pros provides free shipping on all orders over $35.00 which is a great deal. Nwishop also offers a 50% Discount on All Products, as outlined in Nwishop Comments. has detailed product descriptions with images which makes it easier for customers to make informed decisions about their purchases. carries 120 styles of unisex shoes and offers over 240 varieties of summer clothing and accessories, so there is definitely something for everyone at Nwishop.


The only downside to shopping at Nwishop is that their products are only available online, so you can’t try them on before you buy them. However, Nwishop does offer free returns if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, so it’s definitely worth checking out Nwishop for all your summer fashion needs!

Is Nwishop Legit?

  • Nwishop: 15th Mai 2022 at 7:00 PM.
  • Age: Twenty Six Days.
  • Nwishop. Last updated on: 16th of May 2022 @ 7:00:00.
  • Wishop Expiry: 15th of May 2023, 7:00:00
  • Life expectancy for Nwishop: expires within eleven months and forty days.
  • Trust Index Nwishop obtained a trust Index of 1%.
  • Business Rating:Nwishop ranked 39.4% in the business rankings.
  • The place of origin wasNwishop, which was registered in USA.
  • Status for Blacklisting nwishop is not blacklisted.
  • SSL status:itsIP172.67.200.203 has an SSL certified available for 338 day.
  • Connection Security –Nwishop uses HTTPS protocol.
  • Risk Profile:41%%.
  • Nwishop Reviews of Phishing Score 57%
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 57%.
  • Malware Score43%
  • Spam Score32%
  • Contact person unspecified, Nwishop
  • Social relationships: Nwishop’s pages are not available on any social media platform.
  • Owner’s Contact and Identity:unspecified @ Nwishop

Customer Reviews

and Testimonials for are not available. Nwishop is a new site and there are no user reviews or testimonials available to help you make a buying decision. There are some warning signs that Nwishop may be a scam. Nwishop is ranked poorly at 2,774,510 Alexa. One YouTube review suggests it is a scam. Additionally, seven site reviews suggest that Nwishop is a scam.

Conclusion has a bad Trust Score, Business, and Alexa Ranking. scores high for threat, malware, phishing, and spam profiles. This makes them insecure for users and their data. has not been recommended for delivery acknowledgment. We also don’t believe customer testimonials can be trusted.

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