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Men’s Fashion Set To Trend This Season: Designs That Will Trend Everywhere

Men’s fashion this season is set to see several revolutionary pieces, from haute couture to streetwear. With so many sections in men’s fashion, naturally, there are various trends. Men’s fashion generally follows a different path, occasionally overlapping the design trends of other genders. But today, fashion trends are becoming more and more overlapped, where people’s fashion choices are less gender-oriented. With men donning skirt-pants and corsets to women donning men’s belts, sustainable shoes and shirts, people can expect more gender-neutral options this season.


This season’s trends are gender-neutral, but other factors section it, from themes like streetwear to casual beachwear to colour palettes.

Primaries Are Back

Primary colours never went out of style, but now they are the ‘primary’ style. Primary reds, blues, and yellows will deck fashion retail outlets. Pairing jackets, bottoms, or headwear in these colours are an excellent idea. These colours pair well with most other colours, so people can play around with their style as they want.

The Long Jacket

Long jackets or ‘robe jackets’ are all the rage right now, but they may disappear during summer. These jackets come with belts that people can tie around their waist to create interesting silhouettes. People can find them in various patterns and colours, effortlessly including them in their outfits. They also come in comfortable fabrics like sherpa wool, velvet, fleece, etc. These materials and their textures also add an intriguing look to the outfit.

All Season Knits

Knit jumpers, turtlenecks, vests, and more, are set to rock streets. Knitwear is effortless to come by, and people can find them in a range of designs, patterns, and colours. Pairing them with shorts or baggy pants sets a unique vibe and complements all styles. People generally opt for oversized knitwear, which is the latest trend. People can expect knit jackets and cardigans to continue into summer for their bright colours.

Lazy Joggers

Joggers are activewear, but now they are a staple in most closets. Jogger pants are flattering for all body types. They taper at the ankle, ending with a cuff sometimes. Joggers balloon in the middle, allowing for good circulation, making them comfortable. They come with or without patterns in various colours. They pair well with any style, and people can opt to pair them with any top and jacket. They work well as streetwear, but people can also style them as casuals.

The Varsity Jacket

The varsity jacket stands apart with its stylised cuffed sleeves, zipper, and more. They usually come in bold colour combinations, and the embroidered university logo adds to the design. With brands coming out with their versions of the varsity jacket, they embroider their logo. The overall vibe gives off a retro feel, and this trend is gender-neutral. The colour combinations are generally in a pastel combo, allowing people to pair it as they wish.

Velour Love

One material in trend is velour, a soft tactile fabric that mimics velvet and fleece. Velour is everywhere, from bucket hats and beanies to slippers and men’s belts. Velour tracksuits are also a trend in the activewear industry. This material is soft against the skin and feels comfortable without weighing down. The material also falls well against the body’s silhouettes, making them a favourite among all.

From materials to colours, these are the trends this season for men, though it won’t look bad on women. Women’s corsets, skirt silhouettes, and more are also popular on the runway and in haute couture for men. These styles suit all body types and ensure one looks ‘in trend’ this season.

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