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Marijuana and cannabis seeds in the UK and Europe

Cannabis or marijuana has been known and consumed since time immemorial, generally for its psychoactive and relaxing properties, serving as a palliative or an additional contribution of creativity to millions of people worldwide. 

In this article, we will not discuss its consumption or legality, but what we will do is try to explain the current regulation regarding the sale and distribution of its seeds. In addition, we will discuss why they can be sold and bought, along with the genetic specifications of cannabis typology already available on the market. 

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Laws and regulations 

Currently, throughout the world and in the UK and Europe, numerous specialized stores, known as growshops, sell cannabis seeds under the legal framework. In addition, several stores sell marijuana seeds as collector’s items to preserve the specific genetics of each specimen. 

These seeds are sold packaged by the manufacturer, with the technical specifications of each subtype and accompanied by a legal text of the specific genetic bank, which warns that their manufacture is not intended for germination but the preservation of the species. Thus, in the national market, we can find marijuana seeds from genetic banks distributed worldwide. 

Nowadays, in the UK and Europe, you can buy cannabis seeds of practically any genetics, species, phenotype and bank. 

Broadly speaking, the main division that we find is by type or species of the cannabis plant. Thus, we can see three main species: Sativa, Indica and ruderalis marijuana seeds. 

To know each type of marijuana, the ideal is to analyze its main characteristics that identify them in a very generic way in most cases. 

Cannabis sativa 

This species of cannabis comes mainly from Africa, Asia and America. Its most generic characteristics are height, spiky growth, a high concentration of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol, the most psychoactive compound in marijuana) in its fruits, a resistant and extensive root system, an active ingredient and awake effect, long periods of cultivation, large and very long leaves, etc. By choosing outdoor cultivation, the cannabis Sativa plants will have a complete development, reaching extraordinary measures of even up to 5 meters in height. 

Sativa marijuana plants that come from places like Mexico, Jamaica or Colombia usually have relatively high levels of THC. However, the lack of care in its genetic selection and subsequent manipulations is worth noting, which may mean that the THC levels are not as high as they should be due to its genetics. 

The powerful Congolese varieties stand out in quality from the central African area, with all their purely Sativa varieties. In South Africa, due to the great mixture of cannabis species from all over the world, we find spectacular Sativa varieties such as the valued Durban poison, known for its high production and its characteristic spicy flavour. On the other hand, the Sativa varieties originating in Asia are usually the most chosen to produce hermaphrodite adults. 

To finish, we cannot forget hemp or rope, also considered a Sativa type. It is cultivated due to its high content of very resistant fibres, mainly intended for large industrial productions, highlighting its use in the automotive and textile sectors. 

Cannabis indica 

Cannabis indica plants originate from Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. This species of marijuana is widespread in indoor crops, very suitable for its low stretching, strong resistance to possible pests, high production and fast-growing cycles. 

In general, indica varieties are characterized by having high levels of CBD (cannabidiol, a component of marijuana with more relaxing properties). 

In most cases, it is combined with high levels of complementary THC, making them have an effect strong, almost narcotic. For this reason, this type of marijuana plant is widely used and appreciated to alleviate or relieve pain, ailments, or severe syndromes.

At first glance, the differences with the Sativa specimens can be appreciated. Indica plants grow little as a general rule, more in width than in height, with short, rounded leaves and a more intense green colour. 

Cannabis ruderalis 

This species is perhaps the most unknown within cannabis. Its origin is much more recent, being seen in Amsterdam at the beginning of the 80s, coming from the centre of Europe. 

The variety itself does not arouse interest. Considered a weed, Cannabis ruderalis grows and develops in record time. Hence, the potential of Cannabis ruderalis was not seen until it began to be used to genetically cross it with other varieties, until creating the increasingly well-known automatic or autoflowering marijuana plants. 

After analyzing their possible types or families, the marijuana seeds that we can find on the market can be of pure genetics or have some percentage hybridization between sativas, indicas and ruderalis. 

In addition, in the market, we can find another great division of cannabis seeds, choosing to acquire the aforementioned automatic seeds, regular marijuana seeds or even feminized marijuana seeds, which guarantee the female sex of the specimens.

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