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Make Cardio Workouts Fun With These Five Sports

It’s always good to vary your workouts as much as you can. If you lift weights you probably split your workouts to cover different body parts over the course of a week and perhaps you’ll split your cardio workouts into cycling sessions, distance running and swimming. Cardio doesn’t just have to be about lone exercise though. There are some great non-contact sports out there that will give as good a cardio workout as any long distance run or circuit training session.



Great fun in pairs and even better with four of you, badminton is incredible as a cardio workout as the rapid pace and quick-fire points scoring nature of the game keeps you on your toes the whole time. Unlike tennis there is less change of injury as you play with a much lighter racket and super-lightweight shuttle-cock. It’s a game of skill, reflex and precision, not all about power, so anyone can be competitive against anyone else.



Providing you have ample room, almost any amount of people can play a volleyball session. Just split into two teams and get going. This one is a little more physical than badminton but it doesn’t have to be played hard to provide a great workout. Just covering the court and keeping pace with the game will wear you out fast.

Water polo

Water polo

If you already include swimming in your exercise programme then moving up to water polo is a great idea. The constant treading water, rapid movement, reaching and jumping for the ball involved with water polo will improve your core strength and explosiveness with a killer all-body workout. Water polo is one of those sports that will have you aching in places you’ve never ached before, as the sport uses muscles that are often overlooked.



Tchoukball is a Swiss game invented in the 70s that is a combination of netball, handball and volleyball. A non-contact team sport that is all about fast passing of the ball and quick movement into positions. It is growing in popularity due to the fact that the game can be played by both men and women, young and old. While you’ll have no problem picking up a volleyball or a badminton racket in the high street, you may need to check somewhere like to get your hands on a proper tchoukball.

Table tennis

Table tennis

This simple, table-top game can in fact be a truly killer cardio workout. Providing you have played enough to get reasonably good and you also have an opponent of equal experience, it is possible to have incredibly long and physically draining games of table tennis. If you have any doubts about its qualities as a workout tool, have a look at this video of a Team GB player from last year’s Olympic Games

There are all sorts of ways to stay in shape and excluding multi-player sports from your regime would be a real shame. There are some really fun, incredibly varied sports out there that could be a part of your fitness routine. You never know, you might even find yourself representing your country in an unsung Olympic sport one day.

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