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Logical Reasoning Tests: Getting To Know The Different Types

There are various types of tests that are designed to test the skills of potential candidates applying for specific positions in any organization. These tests do matter a lot to the organization as they will have to invest a good amount of time, money and resource to hire the most appropriate candidates for the profile lying vacant.

Logical and analytical reasoning tests

Logical reasoning tests have been designed exclusively to assess the individual’s analytical and logical reasoning ability. It uses information that is provided in series of inductive, diagrammatic or abstract reasoning. Employers are known to use it along with other types of tests to select the very best candidates. Through the test, it becomes much easier for the recruitment managers to understand the capability and reasoning skills of the candidates and how well they will be able to perform in the profile that they have applied for.

The hiring managers can find out the potential candidates who are found to fit perfectly the particular position and excel in it effortlessly. Those who do not perform well in the test do possess some weaknesses, which they can understand and rectify it for later job positions. This way, the tests not only help the organization to get good candidates, but also help the candidates in general to evaluate themselves as to where they stand and to help them gain confidence for what they are applying for.

Know the different types

Logical and analytical reasoning tests are of different types, some of which are given below:

  • Diagrammatic Reasoning: This is a specific test and abstract reasoning from that helps to assess the candidate. A flowchart containing specific symbols and diagrams are displayed in the test along with output and input. The candidates are to cope up with such tests and ascertain the particular inputs that affect the diagrams provided in it. Also particular output is to be made based upon similar rules.
  • Inductive Reasoning: It is applied moderately within the workplace environment as well as used in day to day life. Through the test, the candidates are provided with some diagrams having an evident pattern. Their task is to identify patterns present within the diagram sequence and to select the other diagram that is in the order. It is also stated to be the knack to come across common inference that is based upon superficial outlines as perceived in specific events.
  • Abstract reasoning: At times, it is also called conceptual reasoning. It works towards measuring the candidate’s lateral ability to think. In this type of reasoning, the examiners test the candidates for identifying the patterns, relationships and trends. Moreover, the tests also have some images which chart casual rules or analytical structure. At times, it may also comprise of following any specific rule in a particular sequence, to identify missing diagram or detect a code.
  • Critical thinking: Such tests comprise of verbal critical reasoning to evaluate different types of logical reasoning abilities present in candidates, with regards to assumptions, arguments and conclusions. Such tests are conducted to understand their capability to cope up with serious situations. Few typical tests may include analyzing arguments, assessing assumptions and to make inferences.

The right type of test is sure to help select skilled and knowledgeable candidates for the position.


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