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Home Shopping Lighten up your office space with fabulous online Diwali Gifts for employees

Lighten up your office space with fabulous online Diwali Gifts for employees

India is a land of many cultures and festivals, but perhaps the most awaited one is Diwali. Diwali, or the festival of lights, causes the largest sale of gifts in the country. On this occasion, it is customary to exchange gifts with your family or friends, and regardless of their age, everyone splurges. Gifts always give rise to feelings of togetherness and bonding, but on Diwali, these gifts take on a special meaning. Diwali is, above all, a religious celebration about the victory of good over evil, so spiritual Diwali gifts have a special place in our hearts.

Besides family and friends, many corporates, whether big or small, tries to involve their employees in the Diwali celebration. Corporate gift-giving is a social practice aimed at showing appreciation for all those who have devoted their hours to work at your company. In modern times, employees almost expect to have a gift from their employer on this festive occasion.

Where to buy wonderful online Diwali gifts for employees?

Diwali Gifts are a great way to boost morale and make your employees feel cared for. Gone are the days when you had to worry about shopping for Diwali gifts in hassle-worthy offline local stores, as many online gift portals exist to take away all your problems. Great online gift stores like Oyegifts have remarkable Diwali gift collections, and they also segregate their gifts according to the intended recipient. Thus, it is a piece of cake to get all the appropriate Diwali gifts for employees in this store.

What should you get your employees this year?

There are numerous Corporate Diwali Gifts to choose from, no matter what your budget is. All it should do is convey a sense of gratitude and loyalty. Here are some possible Diwali gifts for your employees-

A basket of Diwali sweets

Everyone associated the traditional Indian sweets or Mithais as a symbol of happiness. On Diwali, these mithais take centre stage as it is a custom to exchange sweets and savouries. With our diversity, Indian sweets also come in a variety of tastes and colours. There are hundreds of flavours to choose from, and among them, Kaju Barfi, besan laddoos, motichoor laddoos, and rasgullas are the popular ones. Sweets are mandatory in greeting friends and family during Diwali, and your employees will appreciate a box of mithais as well.

Dry Fruits box

Some of your health-conscious employees might not appreciate the health scare that comes along with mithais and sweets. But no worry, as for them the optimal gift would be a box of dry fruits. This healthy alternative is available on all online gift stores for the occasion of Diwali. Dry fruits and nuts are good for health and they have been a popular Diwali gift forever. A typical dry fruit box will include pistachios, walnuts, raisins, almonds, and cashew nuts. Most Diwali dry fruits hampers are also decorated with diyas.

Diwali chocolates hamper

While most go for the traditional mithai route, you can also opt for gifting your employees chocolate hampers this season. Online gift portals have a variety of chocolates available, and OyeGifts also has some of the most wonderful packagings at its disposal. If you are confused about your Diwali corporate gifts, premium chocolates are never the wrong choice.

Stylish organiser hampers

Mithais and dry fruits may be the obvious Diwali gifts for employees, but this year you can also aim to gift something more durable and useful. Whether it is a client or an employee, gifting them a stylish organiser with a classy pen is a definite way to make an impression. A classic black organizer with a pen; is the perfect business gift for any occasion.

Go eco-friendly!

Diwali is the festival of light, and as a result, many kids are going to be lighting firecrackers. But, doing so isn’t particularly good for the environment, so this year, you can opt for eco-friendly Diwali gifts for your employees. There are many indoor plants to pick from, such as money plants, jade plants and the very popular harbinger of luck, the bamboo plant. Along with some fresh indoor plants, you can also include Buddha idols, which would make for a nice Diwali gift.

Festive Greetings with idols of gods and goddesses

Everyone who seeks peace and prosperity in life would appreciate an idol of Ganesha and Laxmi on this festive season. It is a great idea to put idols of Lord Ganesha or Laxmi in the house on the occasion of Diwali. Your employees would appreciate this spiritual gift. The traditional Diwali gifts catch everyone’s attention, and gifting auspicious idols is one of the most traditional offerings. The statues of gods and goddesses would bring health and wealth to the lives of the people that you care about.


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