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Legality and prohibitions—CBD laws in the European Union and at the national level

CBD is now legal throughout the UK and Europe, and now, it is to shop online CBD hash legally and buy the best CBD products online. 

Besides, when the European Commission added cannabinoids to its novel food catalogue in 2019, a new era began. Food that was not consumed in significant quantities in the European Union (EU) before May 15, 1997, is considered ‘novel’. 

This catalogue is not legally binding, but most member states use it as a guide. Cannabidiol, whether synthetically produced or taken from the plant, always falls into this group in the food sector. Still, other parts of the cannabis plant, such as hemp seeds or hemp seed oil, are recognized as ‘normal’ foods. The exact guideline on food additives can be found in Directive / 2002/46 / EC. 

The inclusion of CBD as novel food resulted from a general shift in thinking around CBD and cannabis that is still ongoing and may soon bring us to significant changes in legislation. 

CBD in the UK 

In the United Kingdom, which has the most significant sales of CBD in Europe, CBD is listed as a controlled substance in the drug catalogue. However, pure CBD is not one of them, so possession of it is not legally prohibited. It is different from food: it is a new type of food and must be authorized. Even medical marijuana can be grown and sold. 

CBD oil: changes to the EU definition 

Such a small step was taken in January 2021: The European Court of Justice ruled that CBD oil is not a narcotic and is therefore legal. As a result, CBD oil can now be imported and exported within the EU like other completely legal products. 

However, most of the CBD regulations within the EU are still relatively vague, which pushes many producers into a grey area. As a result, many find themselves forced to re-label their products, confusing for consumers. 

We want to take a closer look at the situation in Europe and see whether it is going as well as the CBD industry is hoping. 

CBD legality in Italy 

Medical marijuana is entirely legal in Italy, which means it can be legally imported, grown, and sold as long as the Ministry of Health authorizes it. While recreational cannabis use is illegal, some companies sell practically smokable buds. These are primarily industrial cannabis with a low THC content and are declared ‘non-smokable’. 

The Italian ‘cannabis light’ law of 2016 stipulates that the THC level of the seeds must be below 0.2%, but a percentage of up to 0.6% is allowed in the field if it is due to natural causes.

In terms of CBD in food, Italy adheres to the EU guidelines and lists CBD as a new type of food. Only synthetic CBD is permitted for cosmetics, not natural. The manufacture of drugs based on CBD has also been allowed since February 2021. 

In October 2020, however, the Italian Ministry of Health demanded that substances containing natural CBD be added to the list of narcotics. Studies are currently being carried out on the subject so that the enforcement of the requirement—if the research results support it—may take some time. 

CBD in Spain 

The CBD and cannabis market in Spain is based on EU and national regulations. It also creates a grey area in which producers and distributors are located. Although Spain recognizes CBD as a novel food, it is not allowed as an additive in food in practice. 

It is because Spain has specific requirements for food additives that CBD does not meet. Therefore, only the external use of CBD products is permitted here. 

In Spain, according to European law, only up to 0.2% THC can be contained in CBD products, and the varieties must come from the European catalogue of varieties. 

CBD legality: A narcotic in Sweden 

Cannabis is entirely illegal in Sweden; this relates to production, distribution, ownership, and consumption. CBD also falls under the Swedish Narcotics Act, so oral consumption, including smoking, is also illegal. On the other hand, industrial hemp can be grown to produce fibres, for example. 

Since 2017, at least eight companies have been prevented from selling CBD oil as food on the Swedish market. 

CBD from the vending machine in Poland 

In Poland, cannabis cultivation with a maximum of 0.2% is permitted for medicinal purposes only. Furthermore, the cultivation and production of industrial hemp are prohibited. Regarding CBD, Poland has no specific regulations, which is why there are quite a few CBD products on the market. 

However, according to Business Wire, the government plans to ban vending machines that sell CBD. They also point out that while the medical marijuana law is liberal, the general sentiment is conservative. 

CBD: Illegal in Romania 

Similar to Poland, the cultivation and distribution of medical marijuana are permitted in Romania under certain conditions. In addition, CBD products that do not contain any THC can also be sold here, which usually takes the form of cosmetics. 

Legally buy the best CBD products online in Europe.

You now have a better understanding of the different approaches to CBD in each European country. And, if you want to buy the CBD online in the UK and Europe, head to the to high-quality and certified CBD flowers, hash and CBD oils from premium European suppliers.

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