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LCD Full Form – Liquid Crystal Display

What is the Full form of LCD?

LCD Full Form – Liquid Crystal Display

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. LCDs are a type of flat-panel display commonly used in television and computer screens and cell phones. LCDs use liquid crystals as their primary mode of operation rather than cathode rays like older CRT displays. LCDs are thinner and more energy-efficient than CRTs and can be produced in larger sizes.

Construction of LCD

LCD is an abbreviation for “liquid crystal display”. LCD is a display used in digital watches and many portable computers. LCDs are thin, lightweight, low power consumption displays that are easy to read in any light. LCDs are made up of two layers of polarized glass. Between the layers is a liquid crystal solution. When electricity is applied to the liquid crystals, they align themselves so that light can either pass through them or be blocked. This property allows LCDs to be used as displays.

Two-pixel grids are used in LCD screens: active matrix and passive matrix. Active matrix LCDs are newer technology used in smartphones with LCD screens. Passive matrix LCDs are older technology and are used in some older laptops. LCDs work by blocking light instead of emitting it.

LCDs are a prevalent type of display because they are thin, lightweight, have low power consumption, and are easy to read in any light.

Principles of LCD

LCDs work based on the liquid crystal colour emission principle. LCDs were identified in 1888. LCD is an electronically modulated optical device which includes segments filled with liquid crystals. To display images, LCDs use liquid crystals and polarized illumination. When current is applied, a broad bright light reflects toward the audience.

The term LCD stands for liquid crystal display. It is a type of flat panel display that uses electric charges to control the alignment of molecules in a layer of liquid crystals. This results in the generation of images on the screen. LCDs are widely used in many electronic devices such as computers, mobile phones, televisions, etc.

  • LCDs are thinner and lighter than CRTs.
  • LCDs use less power than CRTs.
  • LCDs have a wider viewing angle than CRTs.
  • LCDs produce little or no radiation.
  • LCDs are more expensive than CRTs.
  • LCDs are not as durable as CRTs.
  • LCDs can be damaged by static electricity.
List of devices using LCD

LCD is used in calculators, TVs, mobile devices, laptops, gaming systems, computers and digital clocks. LCDs are known for their clear display and energy efficiency. LCDs are used in various industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, and retail. LCDs are also used in LCD monitors and LCD televisions.

Some popular LCD manufacturers include Samsung, LG and Sony.

Limitations of LCD

LCD requires external light sources to illuminate the pixels because if the source of light is lost, the LCD does not display any picture.

  • The LCD monitor is less accurate.
  • The visibility of the image depends on luminosity.
  • For LCD, the aspect ratio & resolution is specified.

LCD has an irregular intensity scale and generates rates of less than 256 distinct intensities range.

For LCD, colour intensity related to reduced black level is decreased at a lower level of intensity.

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