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Kids online quiz questions about Christmas about Santa Claus: Who Are You, Santa Claus?

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Almost everyone knows Christmas with a fun Arctic toy, but how much do we really know about it? The characters we all love are actually created by mixing various elements, such as the memory of important Christian saints, the shamanic practices of Northern Europe, and the marketing wisdom of mega-brands in the United States. Here are some simple trivia kids online quiz questions about Christmas our beloved Santa Claus.

Q: Where does the name Santa Claus come from?

A: The name Santa Claus comes from the Dutch word Sinterklaas, which represents the ancient Christian character of Saint Nicholas, famous for his generosity to the poor (more on him later). Dutch immigrants to the United States imported their gift-giving Saints to New Amsterdam, where he merged with his British counterpart, Father Christmas, to become America’s own Santa Claus.

Q: Everyone knows that Santa lives in the Arctic, but where did the real Saint Nicholas come from?

A: Saint Nicholas, considered by many to be the inspiration of the modern Santa Claus, was born in Patara around AD 275. Patara, located on the southern Mediterranean coast of Turkey today, is today an international tourist area, where visitors spend hours under the warm Mediterranean sun. It’s certainly not the place where you want to wear a fur coat.

Q: Where would you go if you really wanted to find Saint Nicholas today?

A: You may enjoy a trip to the North Pole, but if you really want to honor Saint Nicholas, head to Italy, where the ruins of Saint Nicholas are stored in the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas. City of Bari. They have been there since the 11th century, rented from a former resting place in what is now Myra, Turkey.

Q: Rudolph, a red-nosed reindeer, and his companions blow Santa completely through the air. What about the reindeer flying?

A: Many people believe that the flying reindeer story (and the rest of Santa’s story) comes from modern Finnish Lapland. In ancient times, reindeer had a habit of hunting the hallucinogenic fly agaric which they ate and flew while being affected. These mushrooms are so toxic that it was normal practice for local shamans to drink reindeer urine at “safe heights” and then “fly” with them. This may also explain Santa’s general cheerful temperament (“hohoho” and all), and flushed cheeks today.

Q: Where did Santa get his unique outfit?

A: It’s no secret that Coca-Cola marketers have a lot to do with the contemporary image of Santa, but some say his roots go back a long way. The same Northern European Sherman, who liked to eat red and white mushrooms with reindeer, wore exactly the same clothes when he went out to collect red with long black boots, coat adorned with white fur. As stated above, Saint Nicholas lived in the sunny southern part of Turkey, so it is certain that there was no inspiration for this outfit.

Q: Who first created the modern image of Santa?

A: Coca-Cola still uses the iconic images of Santa, which was a huge hit in the 1930s, and was created by the talented artist Haddon Sandbrom, an American from Sweden (is Northern Europe ringing the bell here? ). However, the contemporary image of Santa was only standardized in his work and actually developed many years ago. Coca-Cola was not the first beverage company to market a hero out of all the merry children’s toys. A company called White Rock Beverage used it as early as 1915 to sell ginger ale and mineral water. Wide variety of colors. Coca-Cola Santa finally broke the record, and ever since then Santa has been wearing only red and white.


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