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Is It Possible To Receive A Work Permit After Studying In New Zealand?

After you finish your studies, you can apply for a post study work visa in New Zealand for up to three years. However, you must possess an adequate qualification. A Post Study Work Visa, if you have one, can last anywhere from one to three years, depending on the degree of your qualification and where you studied. Keep in mind that you can only apply for this visa once unless you obtain a second higher qualification of at least a bachelor’s degree.

Benefits of a New Zealand Post-Study Work Visa

There are some additional benefits when Immigration New Zealand issues you a Post Study Work Visa in New Zealand. To begin, your partner will need to apply for a work visa. Second, as domestic students, your dependent children can study for free.

How can I get a work visa in New Zealand after finishing my studies?

You can apply for a post-study work visa external symbol once you have completed your New Zealand diploma. You will have three months (or six months if your study was for a PhD) after your student visa expires to apply for this visa. Keep in mind that when in New Zealand, you must always have a valid New Zealand work visa. 

There are some other requirements:

  • You’ll need to show proof of your identification.
  • You should also be in good health and have a decent reputation.
  • You should also have completed a New Zealand-based qualification.
  • Don’t wait too long to submit your application.
  • You should also have enough money to live comfortably in New Zealand.

What can I do with a post-study work visa from NZ Immigration?

With a Post Study Work Visa in New Zealand, you can work in virtually any job in New Zealand for practically any firm. If your company requires it as part of your job, you may be able to complete additional studies. But keep in mind that this study is only valid for three months out of every twelve months.

IELTS is accepted by 11,000 organizations worldwide, including New Zealand businesses. Make sure you have IELTS exam results to show your English language skills when looking for jobs.

Is it simple to find work in New Zealand after finishing your studies?

After you finish your studies, there are several work opportunities in New Zealand. Because some industries are in high demand, it is simple to find work in them. Other occupations are quite competitive. See the list below for a list of talents in demand that can help you find work once you finish your studies in New Zealand.

It will be easier to get work in New Zealand if your occupation has a skills deficit (and a necessary New Zealand work visa). Investigate the labour market for further information.

What should one do if one gets a work visa after finishing my studies?

If you intend to stay in New Zealand permanently, the Post-study Work Visa allows you to find a skilled job and begin the process of obtaining resident status. According to an immigration adviser in New Zealand, Some New Zealand visas need you to demonstrate your ability to communicate in English. IELTS can assist you with this.

The law and immigration

Immigration legislation is always changing. It’s critical to keep an eye on the New Zealand Immigration website icon for any changes that might affect you. If you want to apply for New Zealand student visas, work related visas, or permanent residency, you must submit an application to the New Zealand government. You might want to seek assistance from a lawyer or a migration agent. 


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