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Is it Possible to Become a Security Guard Without a Diploma?

To work in the security sector, whether it is a retraining or not, as for all other professions, training requires time and money .

Hence the question: is it possible to become a security guard without a diploma ?

This job name can encompass many prevention , safety and even first aid professions . If punctuality, a sense of communication and a certain sportsmanship are required, these are not skills that we acquire over the course of training. But is the case of all those necessary.

Save money
Most of the time, it is out of love for studies or for a financial question that this question of becoming a security guard without a diploma emerges.

Indeed, passing the certifications allowing access to certain applications cools more than one in view of the sums to be disbursed and the non-assurance of success in the application.

However, there are companies that are ready to train the candidate they want with motivation.

In this case, there are various formulas such as work-study or vocational training offered, for example, by our partner training centers.

The professional qualification certificate

You would have understood it. This is a profession in its own right which requires very specific knowledge and to exercise it, future prevention and armed security officer los angeles must first obtain the professional qualification certificate ( CQP ) necessary for the exercise of activity in France.

To go into the field, it is therefore necessary, first, to validate the 140 hours of training to obtain the necessary qualification, no dispensation is possible.

At the end of this training, a professional card will be issued. This is essential for the exercise of the profession of security guard.

Whom should I speak to ?
If you wish to become a security guard without a diploma , contact Pole Emploi or the local mission to be made aware of these essential qualifications.

These organizations will also allow you to obtain information in terms of the possibility of covering part or all of the financing of the training that will have to be followed.

This can reassure you financially but also in relation to the time you will spend in training and which will not bring you any remuneration whether you work or not.

Be supported by a company
It is quite possible to apply for the post of security guard without a diploma with a company ready to invest in a new employee while supporting him during his training.

In these cases, you will become an employee of the company, technically without the appropriate diploma, but you will take it after the fact.

The company will then generally play the game to free up the new employee enough time to have the opportunity to train and obtain the necessary certification.

The different training courses to become a security guard
There is not only the professional qualification certification to become a security guard , there are many specialties that a training center provides.

This is for example the certification of professional qualification of dog security officer (CQP ASC) , the certification of professional qualification of airport security officer (CQP ASA) , or the training of fire safety service and assistance to people or certification to become a dog security guard looking for explosives in airports , etc.

Our partner training centers
Some of our centers are approved by the Safety Prevention Branch and which allows you to obtain the greatest variety of certification necessary to exercise the profession even if you want to become a security guard without a diploma , you will have to take them after you take up your post.

These are therefore the CQP APS , ASC and ASA training courses . For more information, fill out this form .

Professional security guard card
The professional security agent card which we mentioned a little above is essential to be authorized to exercise the profession of security guard in France.

This is in fact valid for any worker in the private security sector.

This concerns the areas of surveillance by electronic security systems , guarding , transport of funds, human surveillance, airport security , physical protection of goods or people , dog officers , etc.

Before you can go into the field, even if you have become a security guard without a diploma , your employer will ensure that you acquire a professional card number. Being of legal age and having an empty criminal record are two of the main conditions for obtaining this professional card.

Initial or continuing training
If the initial training to become a security guard consists of attending the classical education system: college, high school, university, in the public or private sector, it is essentially the skills of future agents that interest recruiters.

The initial training to become a security guard therefore ends with the obtaining of a diploma.

While continuing education takes place outside of school and is open to everyone: young people and adults.

From CAP to Professional Brevet through the various certificates, there are therefore many ways to access this profession.

The specialties
It is therefore a question of deciding which specialty interests you the most.

In fact, the training courses are not the same for becoming a bodyguard or for working in fire safety or even for becoming a dog handler.

For more advice, contact us for information on funding possibilities, including Pôle Emploi, training dates and the level that might suit you.

This is how you can become a security guard with a diploma or at least a certification!


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