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Is India An Effective Hair Transplants Destination?

Hair Transplantation In India Is On The Rise Owing To Great Packages Of Medical Tourism Available These Days. India’s Low Cost Yet Highly Trained And Efficient Doctors Are Attracting Hair Transplantation Clients From Across The Globe. The Primary Reason For This Being The Fact That Low Cost Is Appealing To These Foreigners Who Find The Cost Of Private Healthcare Unaffordable In Their Own Countries And Are Not Willing To Endure The Long Waiting That They Have To Encounter For Any Medical Treatment.

Hyderabad And Chennai Are Among The Top Cities With The Best Surgeons For Successful Hair Transplanting In India Though Many Other Cities Have Arguably Equally Skilled Doctors Who Have Had The Experience Of Successful Hair Transplantations. Ahmedabad In Gujarat, India Is Among The Other Cities Where Successful Hair Transplantation Is Done Regularly With The Help Of State-Of-The-Art Facilities.

Natural Hair For Lifetime

Successful Hair Transplantation In India Can Produce Results That Last For The Lifetime. The Results Are Often So Natural That Even Hair Stylists May Have Difficulties Telling Apart Natural Hair And Transplanted Hair. The Candidates Needing To Undergo This Procedure Must Have Healthy Hair Growth In The Donor Areas Of The Head. Donor Areas Are Parts Of The Head From Where The Flaps And Grafts Are Taken And Are Mostly On The Back And The Sides Of The Head. Depending On The Hair Color, Texture, Waviness Or Curliness And The Thickness Of A Single Strand, The Results May Vary From Person To Person.

To FUE Or Not To FUE…

There Are Many Techniques Used In Transplanting Hair And All Of Them Are Available In Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, And Chennai. However, The Costs May Vary In Each Of These Cities With Hair Transplant In Ahmedabad Being The Best Bet For The Cheapest Yet Latest Techniques. FUT Or Follicular Unit Transplantation And FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Are Among The Most Popular Techniques Used Today Across The Globe For Transplantation. Both Techniques Have Their Benefits And In Some Cases Both The Techniques Are Recommended For Best Results.

The Major Difference In Both The Techniques Is That In FUT A Linear Incision Is Made In The Scalp And A Strip Of The Scalp Is Taken. The Follicular Units Are Then Dissected From This Thin Scalp Segment. Whereas In FUE The Graft Is Scored Down By Using A Punch-Like Instrument, The Follicular Unit Is Then Pulled Upward Gently And The Tenting Tissue Is Punctured With A Tiny Needle So That The Unit Comes Free.

Contrary To Popular Beliefs, FUE And FUT Are Complementary Techniques For Hair Transplantation In India Rather Than Competing With Each Other. If The Patient Requires A Large Area To Be Covered Then FUT May Be A More Viable Option Whereas In Case Of Patients Who Strictly Do Not Want Any Strip Of Their Scalps To Be Surgically Taken Out FUE Is A Reassuring Alternative.

Medical Hub Of The Future

As Medical Care Prices Sky Rocket Globally, More And More Patients From The Developed World Are Looking Overseas For Medical Treatment And Cosmetic Surgeries. Being Fast, Cost-Efficient, And Easily Accessible With Highly Trained Doctors, Surgeons And A Much Disciplined Support Staffs, India Is Becoming A Global Hub For Hair Transplantation.

Such Hair Transplantation And Other Cosmetic Medical Procedures Cost A Fortune Across The Europe And The USA But Hair Transplantation In India Is Really Economic Process. Ahmedabad With Its High-Paced Infrastructural Development Support And Already Being Boasted As The Detroit Of The East Is Sure To See More Influx Of These Medical Tourists And Cosmetic Procedures As Hair Transplant In Ahmedabad Are Worthy As Well.


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