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In a Rush? Foods to Satisfy Your Hunger Pangs In The Morning

It can be tricky to find breakfast inspiration every single morning, especially for the people who are constantly swamped with the WFH routine. The monotonous task of coming up with new recipes every day for the rest of your life can be nerve-wracking. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; hence, it should be well balanced. It should be full of nutrition that can fulfill your energy and keep you going all day long. Even after knowing this, it’s just impossible to take out time to chop chop chop and saute, saute, saute. You will be surprised to know that half of the people out there are working with empty tummies because most of them skip breakfast. When you are busy as hell, instead of skipping breakfast, there are some nutritious snacks that you can keep by your side. 

Foods for busy mornings

Preparing a fresh breakfast can consume a lot of time. Not everyone is a pro in cooking, who can manage meetings and cook at the same time. Since you are here, we assume that you are one of them. You surely need to fulfill your hunger pangs and retain lots of energy, fresh breakfast or not. Well, we are here to tell you some snacks and foods that you can totally rely on when in a rush. Consider this article as your cheat sheet to replace your regular breakfast for mornings when you don’t have time. 

Keto nut bars

Another amazing thing that can keep you by your side is a keto snacks bar. Keto nut bars have gained popularity lately because of the benefits that they are loaded with. Keto bars are loaded with nutritious ingredients like nuts and seeds. These nuts fulfill your hunger pangs and provide enough energy to survive for at least 2-3 hours. Also, a lot of coconut and almond butter goes in these bars to make them rich and delicious. Chew these keto nut bars while you run to your office. 

Frozen waffles

Of course, waffles are one of the best delicacies to ingest in the morning. They are an apt choice to start the morning with the freshness and taste of heaven. Waffles are ideal for blessing the taste buds with something sweet and crunchy that comes with many healthy ingredients. So make this your all-time favorite morning meal and load it with fresh berries. Since we are talking about time-saving breakfasts, you may wonder what waffles are doing here. Well, these are frozen waffles we are talking about here; you can totally make them in advance and preserve them in the freezer. 

Greek yogurt

Yogurt is a food that is highly recommended to be added to your breakfast. But when you don’t really have time to cook the main meal, you can totally rely on greek yogurt. Yogurt is rich in protein, it’s creamy, and it’s delicious. 

Protein cookies

Cookies are always a savior. Be it your evening hunger or it’s snacking you long for at any time of the day, and now for breakfast, cookies are a totally ideal option. When you add cookies to your breakfast, you need a healthier version of cookies. So go with the healthy protein cookies that are baked with protein. It tastes as delectable as you would expect from a rich butter cookie; just the nutrition level is higher for a well-balanced start of the day. So, always keep a box of cookies in your bag. 

Snack on these foods in the morning when you are in a rush. 


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