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Idioms definition and their usage in the English language

Idioms are often words or a group of words meant to have a different symbolic meaning than they would sometimes tell. These words are mainly used when someone tries to impress upon one’s thoughts more than usual. And so, people all across the globe using various languages have devised their versions of idioms that they find suitable using occasionally.

People of local cultures often form idioms by replacing a less known or familiar word among them with more familiar words. Idioms of one language if tried to be translated and used in some other language and bound to lose their original purpose and meaning. E.g., one of the English idioms, “Spill the beans,” metaphorically for English people means to get all the information out of someone they are trying to keep a secret. However, the literal meaning of this group of words would be spreading or pouring of beans of some kind over the floor. Idioms play a vital role in the English language. They are based on the language.

Few other examples of English idioms, along with their usage, have been given below:

  • Piece of cake: Although Robert failed the exams when he was warned by the teachers and his fellow mates about the lengthy syllabus before it, he claimed that covering all of it would be a piece of cake for him.
  • Raining cats and dogs:  Just when uncle agreed on taking us to the zoo, it started raining cats and dogs.
  • A penny for your thoughts: A penny for your thoughts is another one of the English language idioms used chiefly in English language countries, although netizens from other parts of the globe do also like using now and then in their conversation because of the relatively sophisticated way it provides a speaker to get the additional personal attention back to their conversation. “A penny for your thoughts” does not mean to say that you will be given a penny for telling your thoughts. Rather it implies to the person the speaker says that your ideas are valued for me but not quite a lot, so if you want, you can share them with me. On the other hand, a speaker can use it to know what is going on in the mind of a person who has been quiet for a long time. 

The first use of this idiom, as said by historians, was made in 1535 by a well-known English book author Sir Thomas More. He used this in his book “A Treatise upon the last Things.”

Other examples for the idioms are given below:

You haven’t said a word on the issue of higher studies yet; a penny for your thought. On the other hand , this idiom is better used in informal conversations such as with family and friends. Nevertheless, for formal discussions, no idiom is appropriate to use. 

Online tools to learn Idioms

Online spelling tools are pretty handy for teaching our toddlers and K-12 group about new words, their spelling, meanings, and how and when to use them.

These spelling free online tools provide several ways to ace all of the above, including the following:

1) Vocabulary test: This test gives an idea of how vast a person’s vocabulary is and provides an equivalent grade on a level of 1-12.

2) Spelling test: These exercises let the users learn the correct spelling of words by practicing new sentences that introduce the user to a new comment.

3) Fun quizzes: When you feel its times to test your knowledge and how much you have improved in the spelling of words, feel free to take up a fun quiz. These quizzes are designed to be entertaining to keep the interest in learning at peek while at the same time testing the knowledge of English words.

Conclusion: One of the many platforms that provide all fun ways of improving your spelling and making learning English easy is It offers many more options other than the one mentioned above, and it’s also free to use. So keep learning and keep growing. For this one can also take help of the online tools.


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