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How Women Can Wear Fedora Hats to Boost Their Fashion Quotient

Most people think Fedora hats are for men because leading actors in Hollywood have worn them in blockbuster films. However, if you take a peek into its history, you will find that the Fedora hat got its name from a hat worn by actor Sarah Bernhardt, the leading lady in a stage production “Fedora” by Victorien Sardou in 1883. Sarah had a reputation for adopting men’s fashion, and the hat soon became a symbol of liberation and assertiveness for women activists. Today, the Fedora is among the most popular hat styles for both women and men.

So What Does a Fedora Hat Look Like?

A Fedora hat possesses a distinctive look with its indented crown and soft brim. It is pinched near the front on both sides and features a shallow indented crown, according to The Trend spotter. The position of the pinch can vary, and there can be several crown types; teardrop, diamond, and center dents, to mention a few of the more popular ones. Typically it is 4.5 inches high and has a brim 2.5 inches wide. The brim is finished in many ways; stitched, raw-edged, overwelt or underwelt, or with a trim ribbon. You can get Fedoras in a wide variety of materials like wool, fur, cashmere, beaver, or rabbit felt. You can also get it fabricated in materials like straw cotton, linen, and hemp. 

Some Fedoras have grommets for ventilation in the crown, lining for comfort and absorbing sweat as well as a leather or cloth sweatband. Sometimes, people add small feathers to decorate it. Some Fedora hats have an open crown allowing you to bash and shape it in many ways, while others can be folded. With celebrities, particularly film personalities playing characters wearing Fedora hats, this style is immensely popular with both men and women.

Fedora Hats – A Distinctive Style for Women 

As recently as in the early 19th century, women belonging to the higher classes would never think of stepping out without wearing a hat, however, since then, the practice has dwindled sharply. Even then, hats are a fashion statement for women of status who flaunt it at special occasions like weddings, garden parties, and other formal social occasions and also protect themselves from the sun at the poolside or beach. The iconic straw fedora hat womens is one of the most popular hats among women who want to make a mark at social dos. There are perhaps few women today without a Fedora hat in their wardrobes, even if they wear it only on special occasions. Hat makers have experimented with the classic Fedora to make them more contemporary and stylish to suit the tastes of modern women and lend them a more feminine appearance. In addition to multiple colors to match their clothes, women can also pick Fedora hats sporting ribbons, silk, prints, or braided bands for a distinctive look.

Tips To Choose the Perfect Fedora

The kind of impact, you will make when wearing a Fedora depends on several things like the style and fit. Some of the main things, women should pay attention to when buying a Fedora hat include:

Style: There are several types of Fedora hats, so you need to pick one that will suit you and also the occasion. In addition to the classic Fedora hat style, you can choose a straw Fedora, especially the Panama hat that is light and comfortable with a high degree of sun protection and breathability. A Safari Fedora is a great choice for women who want to project an adventurous personality. Though similar to the straw Fedora, it has a more pronounced brim often coupled with a subtle band for a perfect fashion statement. A Pork Pie hat is favored by some who want a narrow brim. Many women also prefer the trilby, a variant of the original Fedora. They love it for its contemporary style and high crushability that makes it a perfect travel companion.

Shape: While you will get quite a few variations in the hat shapes, your choice of the Fedora hat will need to factor in the shape of your face. For example, if you have a square face, you will look better in a straw Fedora with a center dent, while if you have a heart-shaped face, a Fedora with a medium brim and a pinched front will suit you more.

Size: The hat should sit comfortably on your head and not ride too high or low. You should get your hat size measured professionally or consult a hat size chart to know the accurate hat size.


A Fedora hat can be an extremely elegant addition to the wardrobes of fashionable women. You can buy a collection of Fedoras in different materials, textures, colors, and shapes to match perfectly with your clothes and the occasion. With the large variety available, you should be able to find what you are looking for with ease.

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