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How to store custom soap boxes safely?

Correct and safe storage of cardboard Custom Soap Boxes is an essential part of logistics. Whether online shop, wholesaler or moving company; correct storage of filled and empty boxes increases their lifespan and in many cases can also make work easier. A simple basic rule is that heavy cardboard boxes are always stored at the bottom.

In which way Custom Soap Boxes protection is important?

This applies not only to filled boxes, but also to the storage of empty boxes. For the most effective storage possible, square or rectangular cardboard boxes should be used and, if possible, kept folded up when not in use if they are to be reused several times.

Damaged cardboard Custom Soap Boxes should generally be discarded, as any damage jeopardizes the integrity of the cardboard box and, especially if there is humidity, these do not have the same storage time. You will find out what else you should consider when storing cardboard boxes in the next few paragraphs.

Store empty Custom Soap Boxes sensibly

When storing empty boxes, there are generally two options:

1.       storage in a set-up form, ready to be filled

2.       storage in folded form.

In most cases, we need to store boxes in a folded farm. For ths, one should have reliable custom boxes. Depending on the cardboard box used and the intended use, the shelf life of cardboard boxes in professional use is a good six months.

Save soap Boxes from Direct Sunlight

After this time, the boxes can no longer be used reliably and there is a risk of material fatigue. This rule does not necessarily apply in private use, as the cartons can be checked individually for their integrity in small quantities.

The storage of empty Custom Soap Boxes should follow these basic rules: large boxes facing down do not expose to direct sunlight for long periods of time and do not store near radiators.

Stack Soap Boxes According to Size

Both solar radiation and temperatures above 25 degrees (and large temperature fluctuations) have a detrimental effect on the material. On the other hand, a certain level of humidity – up to around 60% – is usually not a problem.

Stacking according to size, in turn, guarantees greater static stability. The ideal conditions for storing cardboard boxes are temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees and humidity that do not exceed 50%.

The sensible filling of cardboard boxes warehouse

What should be considered when storing cardboard boxes that are filled, for example in a cardboard store, basically follows the storage of empty cardboard boxes.

So they should always be stored below possible large and heavy boxes , either as a base, can be found on the lighter and smaller cartons, or in a stocked with cardboard boxes high-bay warehouse, where they are not only easier to move, but also the shelves by press are not dangerous.

Are wooden pallets good for storing soap boxes?

 In general, in addition to the high-bay warehouse, storage on a smooth, solid floor is ideal. Storage on wooden pallets, on the other hand, is not recommended for cardboard boxes except for direct transport, as splinters can damage the cardboard Custom Soap Boxes.

When filling the boxes, it is essential to ensure that neither pointed nor sharp objects come into direct contact with the outer wall of the box. These should either be packed again in the box or brought into the box at a safe distance from the box edges.

What are precautions to store Custom Soap Boxes?

 Similar precautionary measures are recommended for fragile goods (glass, porcelain) that are to be kept in cardboard boxes. These should be packed separately with bubble wrap or a similar protective packaging material. This applies all the more if the corresponding box can also be transported.

Actually, it goes without saying that the maximum filling weight of cardboard boxes is adhered to . Each cardboard box has this noted in its specifics and this information from the manufacturer should of course be adhered to.

A load beyond this maximum limit can cause the box to tear or break apart. If the maximum filling weight is not already printed on the box, it can easily be written on the Custom Soap Boxes with a marker so that it is clearly visible. This prevents unnecessary problems and annoyance – even if the boxes are reused several times.

Damaged and damp cardboard boxes – what now?

When storing cardboard boxes, it is essential to ensure that damaged and damp cardboard boxes are sorted out at an early stage. This also applies to the storage of empty and filled boxes.

On damp cardboard boxes, not only is the stability no longer guaranteed during transport, but they can also start to mold and damage other cardboard boxes stored with them.

 In the case of damaged cardboard boxes, the main problem is the stability during transport, which can no longer be reliably guaranteed.

Replace damaged soap boxes

So if a box in your high-bay warehouse is damaged from which only individual items are removed, this damage can be deliberately ignored and remedied with the regular exchange of the boxes. As soon as a transport could only be possible, the damaged box should be replaced immediately.

This prevents the box from tearing or bursting during transport in advance, which can lead to a much more sensitive delay or even a real damage event.

Correct storage and organization of a high-bay Custom Soap Boxes warehouse

The storage of Custom Soap Boxes in a high-bay warehouse should follow the following guidelines: bulky and heavy boxes should go down; the smallest and lightest boxes should go at the top.

 If these simple steps are observed – which of course can and must be specified as required – at least an adequate order and overview of the warehouse should be given.


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