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How To Shop The Right Protein Supplement For You

Your daily diet should be customized enough to meet your daily protein needs. However, life is unpredictable and gets in your way. At such times, protein shakes and supplements are an excellent way to fill in the gap.

Protein powder and shakes aren’t necessary for muscle building but are certainly a convenient and ready-to-drink source of protein. These grab and ready-to-go protein sources are also great and healthy beverage options.

Here’s how you can supplement shop the right protein shake for yourself!

What to Look for in a Protein Supplement

Protein supplements come in a variety of pre-made and powdered forms. These proteins can be either animal-derived or plant-based and include whey, hemp, pea, and brown rice. Your protein supplement choice must be in accordance with your goal.

For instance, whey best compliments athletes, while hemp and pea are most suited for vegans’ requirements.


Protein supplements come in a variety of flavors ranging from chocolate to banana and much more. Sometimes these supplements fall short in taste even though they might be packed with powerful nutrients.

So, make sure to check the taste and try experimenting by mixing in some fruits and other flavors to suit your buds.

Type of Protein 

Protein supplements are packed with a variety of proteins such as hemp, pea, soy, brown rice, and whey. Hence, you must read all the ingredients and base your decision on your dietary needs and restrictions. 


Protein supplements often consist of fillers apart from proteins as well. These fillers are meant to add extra calories and carbs while adding to the weight of the supplement as a whole. 

Although, this might not always be the case. However, it’s better to be a little careful than ignorant.


Additional ingredients such as fibre added greens, digestive enzymes, probiotics, and BCAAs add to the appeal of protein shakes. Hence, make sure to keep an eye out for these ingredients on the label. Furthermore, try to avoid any products with added sugar while you supplement shop.


According to the Dietary Reference Intake, daily protein intake for both men and women is 0.8 grams per kilogram. Though this is a generalized recommendation, you must consult with a healthcare practitioner first before adding a protein supplement to your routine.

This is because protein intake and the requirement of a more active person is higher than an average active person. However, consulting a healthcare practitioner before adding any supplements ensures he needs an appropriate dosage of the supplement.

Difference Between Vegan Protein and Non-Vegan Protein 

Apart from the ingredient difference, the major deviation between vegan and non-vegan protein is the protein quality.

Non-vegan proteins are mostly animal-derived proteins and consist of higher amino acid levels, ratios, digestibility, and bioavailability. They are considered as complete proteins due to the availability of all the essential 9 amino acids in them.

On the other hand, vegan proteins tend to have higher levels and ratios of fiber and antioxidants. These are also known as complete proteins and contain all the essential 9 amino acids. Additionally, vegan proteins contain complementary blends of different proteins to create a complete protein.

Is all Protein Supplement Vegan? 

All protein supplements are not vegan. Most protein powder and shakes contain animal-derived ingredients like whey and honey.

Furthermore, plant-based protein supplements include flaxseed, rice, hemp, soy, sunflower, chia seeds, and pea. Hence, it’s always better to check the ingredient list of any supplement before buying to ensure that it compliments your dietary routine.

Proteins fill the necessary gaps in our diet and are great energy boosters. Since the dietary needs and requirements of every person are different, it’s essential to consider consulting an expert in this regard. 

Carefully understand the benefits and risks associated with them and check the ingredients to make an informed decision. 

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