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How To Prevent Your Hot Water Heater Leak from Being a Total Disaster

When a leak occurs within the home, it can cause damages to all floors of the house and lead to costly repairs and renovations. Water leaks will damage the area that the water tank is in and the flooring, walls, and surrounding areas. 

What Happens When Your Hot Water Tank Leaks

Hot water heaters are attached to the gas or electrical lines to provide heating and the main water source for the home. This allows the water heater to pull water constantly, and it will do so until the holding tank is full, this allows for any leak to be a constant stream of water until it is turned off at the source. 

A water leak in a hot water heater can be a small tankless water heater, or it can be a full hot water tank with the water heater on it. A large leak is easy to spot, as there will be less hot water than usual, and there will be water on the floor around the heater. A small leak can be harder to detect as it will not flood the floor all at once but slowly and constantly drip water all the time. This water will gather in small pools on the floor, can leave calcium or other deposits around the leak, and rust may appear on the outside of the tank.

What Damages Can Occur

Water damages spread easily throughout the home, though they may start small. Initial water damages can appear as build-up from the minerals in the water along with the water heater and may be seen on the floor or the wall. A larger water leak will form puddles on the floor around the water tank or under the tankless water heater and in some cases, can flood the floor. 

The larger the leak and the more water that leaks, the more damage that will occur. This includes damage to the flooring in the room where the water heater is and the flooring in the surrounding rooms. It can damage carpets and other flooring types, as well as soak into the baseboards and even the drywall. 

Developing Mold

Materials that remain wet or damp from a leak will develop mold, which can be a health risk for those living within the home. Mold removal is invasive and can be expensive, as it involves removing all damaged materials and deep cleaning for the home by professionals. 

Ways to Prevent Damages

To avoid serious damages from a water leak, it is important to discover it early and to address it quickly. Check the water heater and the surrounding area once a month to ensure there are no signs of leaks or water damages. If the water bill spikes it is a sign to call a hot water plumber in Darwin to check your home for water leaks, or if there is less hot water than expected. 

If you notice signs of a leak, have it assessed quickly. Visually inspect the area to see if you can find the leak, and turn off the water supply to the hot water tank using the shut-off valve. Contact a plumber to repair the leak, and once the leak has been stopped, check the area for damages. 

Discovering Water Damage

If you find water damage or mold, it is important to find a reputable company that is qualified for mold removable and have it addressed as soon as possible. Running a dehumidifier and fans may help to dry the space while waiting for repairs. 

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