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How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger and Brighter

If you’re a makeup lover, you know that the best part about doing makeup is accentuating and altering certain parts of your face.

Some lip lining can help you create a perfectly plump and luscious pout, and some contouring can help you create well-chiseled cheekbones. Likewise, there are tips to make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

Below is a list of tips shared by experts to help you make your eyes appear a big and bright as possible using makeup:

Always Take Care of Your Skin

Having a skincare routine is the backbone of any great makeup look. Before starting to apply makeup on your face, it’s essential to use the right skincare products. This will not only help your skin look radiant but also help to ensure your eyes are healthy and well cared for.

Consider investing in under-eye patches and eye creams that will help you rehydrate, reduce puffiness and heal dark circles around your eyes. You should buy eye patches that will help you brighten and awaken your eyes as well as hydrate the skin and eyelashes. 

Look for products with essential ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, probiotics, and niacinamide. These ingredients have been proven to help rehydrate, clear and boost the area around your eyes so that it’s healthier before applying eye makeup.

The proper skincare routine is vital for maintaining healthy skin. It also makes your eye makeup look better and more vibrant when you wear it.

Use Under-Eye Concealer to Cover Dark Circles

Under-eye dark circles can be an annoying nightmare, especially if you don’t know how to cover them. They also give an illusion of a dark shadow around the eye, making it look smaller than it is. When it comes to makeup, illusions are everything.

If you want your eyes to look bigger, invest in a brighter under-eye concealer. Applying the concealer under the eye makes the skin tone look even with the rest of your face and illuminates the entire eye area.

There are many causes of dark circle formation under your eyes. Below are some of the most common reasons:

  • Oversleeping
  • Fatigue and exhaustion
  • Eye rubbing
  • Allergic reactions
  • Lack of sleep
  • Family history of dark circles
  • Excessive exposure to the sun

An important pro tip when applying concealer is to draw an inverted triangle underneath your eyes. This will help you brighten the entire under-eye area and erase the dark circles. After drawing your triangle, gently blend the concealer using your ring finger and avoid smudging or dragging it towards your cheeks.

Apply Eyeshadow up to the Brow

Applying eyeshadow up to the eyebrow is the most underrated technique of making your eyes appear bigger and brighter. This will give people an illusion that your eyelid space is bigger and your eyes open more widely. This technique is excellent for people with hooded eyes.

Use Brighter Eyeshadow Shades

The eyeshadow shades you use will make a big difference in how big and bright your eyes appear. According to a makeup artist, using medium to light eyeshadow tones will make your eyes appear more open. The best shades to use include light brown, light shimmer shades, and pastels on the mobile eyelids.

These shades help you create an illusion of bigger and more open eyes. For maximum results, look for an eyeshadow palette with the above shade options. Ensure that the palette also has neutral shades for a more delicate look.

Curl and Define Your Eyelashes

Curling and defining your eyelashes is a simple yet essential step that could make all the difference in how your eyes look. Straight-looking eyelashes often cast shadows around your eye area. But using an eyelash curler to curl the lashes will open up your eye area, avoiding shadows.

Curled and well-defined eyelashes will make your eyes seem bigger and more attractive. However, most people don’t know whether to curl their eyelashes before or after applying mascara. Makeup experts recommend that you curl the eyelashes before applying mascara.

That’s because mascara is often sticky, and applying before could lead to the curler sticking to your lashes and pulling them out. For the best results, start by curling your lashes before applying mascara to avoid causing any damage to your eye area.

However, if you like using fake eyelashes, consider your eye shape and size before rushing to order some eyelashes. While there are some lashes that make your eyes look bigger, others may make your eyes smaller and messier. For the best eyelashes in the market.

Shape Your Eyebrows

Are you wondering how to make your eyes look bigger?

You can start by shaping your eyebrows. The shape of your eyebrows will make a huge difference in the appearance of your eyes. To lift your eye area’s ceiling, ensure you shape your eyebrow into an arched shape.

This trick makes your eyes look more open and bigger. If you want to open your eye area further, consider using a brow gel or laminated brows. This helps your eyebrows stay uplifted throughout your day.

Brighten the Waterline

If you’re looking to create a dramatic effect, you can use black or dark brown eyeliner. However, a darker waterline could give an illusion of smaller eyes. For a bigger-eye effect, consider swapping your darker eyeliner for nude or white ones.

Experienced makeup artists advise using a nude eye-pencil along the lower and upper waterline to give an effect of wider and bigger-looking eyes.

Are You Ready to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger?

Wearing makeup is all about illusion. It’s easy to use makeup to make your eyes look bigger, brighter, and more attractive. However, the first step to achieving this look is taking care of your eyes and having a regular skincare routine.

Ensure you also follow the above tricks to make your eyes look bigger. Are you ready to become a makeup pro? Check out other posts on our website for more makeup tips.

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