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How To Make Your Ex Girlfriend Regret The Breakup

You want your ex girlfriend back. But instead of trying all sorts of tactics to get her back, you would much rather it be her idea. In fact, wouldn’t it be great if your ex girlfriend called you up and begged you to come back to her? Then you wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time and energy trying to get her to give you a second chance. It would be all her idea!

So how do you make your girlfriend regret the breakup and ask you to come back? Well the best thing about this technique is that it puts the ball back in your court. Because break ups in their very nature end up putting one person as the winner and the other as the loser, you don’t want to do anything to worsen your position if she broke it off. So whatever you do, never beg and plead with your girlfriend to come back. Remain in control and get her to want you back.

Now the next thing you need to do is really look at how your relationship with your girlfriend began. Why was she attracted to you? What did she always say she loved about you? Whatever those qualities are that your girlfriend loves about you, you need to figure them out so you can use them to your advantage. The more you can get her to think about all of the good things about you, the more she will want to come back to you.

Now that you know what she was attracted to, you now have to use it. But not on her. Don’t go running to your ex girlfriend and shove it in her face what she’s missing. Use your attractiveness on other women. Get out there and flirt. Think about all of the ways to get yourself in front of other girls. This will do two things: it will restore your confidence that you can really date whoever you want, and it will make your girlfriend see what she’s missing. If she sees you out and about, not wallowing in your break up, it will drive her crazy!

Just keep in mind that your ultimate goal here is to get your girlfriend to come begging you to take her back. Your goal isn’t to start hooking up with all kinds of girls. You want to use mind tricks here, not ruin your chances of getting her back forever. Dangle the carrot in front of her, but don’t take her back right away when she starts calling you. Keep her guessing just like you would if you were first dating! Remember that this break up is a way to get the relationship you always wanted — so use it to start over and make your relationship great!

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