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How To Make An Impressive Business Intro Video In Few Mins

Videos make the best content format for business intro videos. Engaging video content makes customers remember your brand and the value it adds. Studies show people recall 90% of video content while text retention is only 10%.

Creating business intro videos is easy. Read tips and tricks to make intro videos and how to use an intro maker to create videos. Use software tools that are easy to use to make your first video.

An intro video need not be extraordinary. A simple video with a clear message works better and leaves a great first impression. Businesses, especially e-commerce brands, are using videos for user engagement.

We will share some useful tips on creating impressive business intro videos in a few minutes in this article. If you are a beginner and looking for guidance, this is for you.

What is a Business Intro Video

The video describing your video is one of the most important online assets you can create. This is like the elevator pitch for your company.

Business intro videos have been around for a long time. Most businesses use them in their ads to attract customers. You can also use these videos to show prospective employees what your company does and attract talent.

Intro videos should aim to sell your product. Avoid the temptation of turning the video into a tribute to your hard work and smart ideas.

Put effort into creating your business intro content. For that use a good intro maker to add value to your videos. Viewers can detect a video created with care and will reward you with engagement.

Traits of a Good Intro Video

A business intro video has to have a tone that is consistent with your business values. It should make the potential buyers relate to your products and services. It should make them want to buy your products.

Understanding a business can be time-consuming. A business intro video makes it easy to get a quick snapshot of your services.

An intro video can be informational and guide a potential customer through your website. It can educate the viewers on the value proposition of your products. 

What a Business Intro Video Should Not Be

Don’t create an intro video because everyone is doing it. If not well made, the intro video can damage your reputation. Avoid creating a video for checking a box.

Don’t exaggerate your business or product in the video. Users are smart to detect this and will abandon viewing it. If they end up believing your claims, they will have a bad experience later.

Don’t create a generic video where you can replace the name of the company, and it still works. You will miss out on an opportunity to make your business shine. You also stand the risk of painting the business as mediocre.

Don’t use controversial topics unless you research how users will react to them. Proceed only if you are confident that you can land the message well.

Tips to Create Impressive Business Intro Videos

Creating good business intro videos needs creativity. You should have a strong storyboard and a clear understanding of user expectations. Here are a few tips for creating compelling intro videos:

#1 Articulate the Business Vision 

An intro video should represent the purpose and vision of your business. It should inspire your potential buyers and not look like a sales pitch.

Vision and mission statements drive the culture of a company. Use them in your business intro video to make these visible to the outside world.

Create a compelling narrative connected to your business vision. Attract the viewer’s attention by showing what is in it for them. The intro video has to add to the value of your business site.

Use your intro video to educate your visitors on your product catalog. Use the opportunity to show how your products are different from the competition.

#2 Don’t Be Shy to Introduce Yourself

Founders of a company are as important as the product and services they sell. Don’t be shy to introduce yourself and talk about what you dream to build

People appreciate knowing the person behind the idea and what they want to build. Creating a personal brand is a norm these days.

Don’t limit the introduction to who you are and what you do. Explain the problem you are solving and why you want to solve it. Tell a story about what inspired you to do it.

Share your big, bold bets. Talk about your long-term vision and how you want to change the world.

#3 Keep it Concise

You can pack a lot into a video with an intro maker but keep the video short. People have low concentration spans on the Internet, and any video over 30 seconds will not be successful

Use simple sentences to explain your product. Avoid giving irrelevant context and use every second of the video.

Shorter videos take a shorter time to load. If the video is too big and takes time to load, your visitors may lose interest and leave. Control the duration of content using your video intro maker.

People consume most of the content on the Internet on mobile phones. The attention span on the phone is shorter than on a PC. Keep this in mind when creating the intro video.

#4 Encourage your Viewers to Take Action

Every video has a purpose. A business intro video should attract customers and sell products. Stay true to that purpose.

Nudge your visitors to take action that is meaningful to your business. If you are generating leads, ask them to fill a form. If you are selling products, encourage them to buy.

When adding a call to action, do not be vague about it. Be clear and upfront about the required action. If you want your visitors to click on a link, ask them to click on the link.

Track the percentage of the visitors that are taking action and who is buying the product. This data will become very useful in retargeting ads to this audience and bringing their attention back.

#5 Build an Incentive

People react to incentives very well. There is a reason discounts drive sales. Give discounts for your products to encourage buying.

Give a reason for your visitor to try your product. Have an offer that they cannot refuse. Offers can act as hooks to turn casual visitors into loyal customers.

Keep refreshing the content in your business intro videos. Add periodic sales messages to make visitors come back to your website from time to time.


A business website should have an intro video. Keep the video short and to the point. Make it interesting and engaging.

People like founder-led businesses. Do not hesitate to introduce your vision and the inspiration behind your product. Elevate your intro video from being a sales pitch to something inspirational.

Short and crisp videos convey important messages quickly. They take less time to load and are great for viewing on a mobile. Try not to keep your videos too long.

People watch videos on mobiles as well as computers. Make your intro video compatible with both. Mobiles and computers have different processing power, so build the video specifically for mobile and PCs.

Put your intro video to good use. While you don’t want to be too salesy, be bold in asking the visitor to take action. Build incentives to encourage this.

Finally, use the right software to create these videos quickly. Now go and make that wonderful business intro video you always wanted to create.







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