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How To Light Your Kitchen (and How an Illuminated Glass Splashback Can Help)

All too often, people underestimate the importance of high-quality kitchen lighting. They simply settle for a single central fixture, which blasts everything in the vicinity with high-intensity artificial light. Or perhaps, rely on a series of recessed ceiling lights, which do little to bring out the room’s best features.

Taking things to the next level with kitchen lighting can be surprisingly straightforward. Not to mention, incredibly transformative for the space as a whole.

If you are planning a refit or revamp in the near future, here is how to bring creative lighting into your kitchen:

  1. Under Cabinet Lighting

First up, the simplest approach to under-cabinet lighting is to add a strip (or several strips) of LEDs. Many of which are self-adhesive, meaning you won’t even need to reach for your toolbox. Illuminating the space under kitchen cabinets can eliminate some of the most problematic dark spots in the average kitchen. It can also make your countertops a much more pleasant place to work.

LED under-cabinet lights are available in all imaginable colours and hues, which in most cases are adjustable at the touch of a button.

  1. Decorative Lighting

Better kitchen lighting is about more than practicality alone. Decorative lighting can also play a major role in bringing the whole space together. This is where an illuminated splashback really can make all the difference. All you need to do is pair a bespoke glass splashback with your preferred illumination source – LEDs, strip lights, a few strategically placed bulbs and so on.

An illuminated splashback brings the ultimate in mood lighting to classical and contemporary kitchens alike. It can also be great for creating a point of focus for an entire space, while bringing your own unique personality into your kitchen.

  1. Sensor Lighting

Back on the practicality side of things, sensor lights pair convenience with cost-effectiveness. With sensor lighting, task lights and primary lighting sources are configured to automatically activate when needed. After which, they automatically shut off to ensure no wasted energy.

Smart lighting technology is fast making its way into more homes across the UK than ever before. In high-traffic areas like the kitchen, smart lighting can be particularly beneficial.

  1. Feature Lighting

Last up, feature lighting can be used to highlight anything in your kitchen you are particularly proud of. Decorative features, cabinet interiors, even the pictures and ornaments you hang on your walls – anything worth drawing attention to.

Battery-powered and mains-powered options are available, making feature lights quick and easy to install in any location. Choose what you like best in your kitchen, then consider making it a key point of focus.

Tips for Choosing a Kitchen Splashback

If you have decided to bring a high-quality splashback into your kitchen, here are a few considerations to bear in mind before ordering:

Material Choice

First up, toughened glass is broadly considered the gold standard for kitchen splashbacks. It boasts a heat tolerance of up to 300° C, making it ideal for surfaces in close proximity to hobs and cooking surfaces. Acrylic splashbacks can be equally desirable in their appearance, but are not nearly as durable or hardwearing as their toughened glass counterparts.

Colour and Design

A custom splashback can be designed to blend in seamlessly with its surroundings, or stand out as a major point of focus. It’s entirely up to you which way you go, so consider something that adds a touch of your own unique personality to your kitchen. Remember – your bespoke splashback can be made to suit your exact requirements, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

Illumination Source

Last up, if you intend to illuminate your splashback, it’s worth considering your preferred lighting source ahead of time. You may need to allow additional space for the lighting source, which could impact the required dimensions for your splashback. If in doubt, consult with your supplier before ordering, in order to discuss the best way to light up your splashback.

For more information on any of the above or to discuss your requirements in more detail, contact a member of the team at DIY Splashbacks today.

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